Ranking The Best Disney Channel Couples

If there is one thing Disney Channel knows a thing or two about, it is how to create an iconic love story. Through the ages, there have been many different shows and many different stories to tell, from the awkward middle school teen, Lizzie McGuire, to half-country girl, half-superstar, Hannah Montana, but each show holds a special place in my heart. While we all have our favorite, I cannot deny that each new era of Disney taught me something new about not only myself but about love and relationships. Because, before OTPs existed we all shipped Lizzie and Gordo.

Tackling the best Disney Channel pairings seems like quite a daunting task at first because there are just so many great couples out there. From breaking friend zones to magically forbidden loves, each relationship has brought a whole new meaning to the term fangirling. (Because I know I was not the only person that screamed for joy when Phil and Keely finally kissed in the finale.) While each relationship was great in its own special way, for time purposes, let's stick with the top ten as I give you the definitive ranking of the best Disney Channel couples to ever grace our television screens.

10. Cody and Bailey — Suite Life On Deck

Even though she clearly wasn't a match for Maddie, you couldn't deny that these two were adorkable together. Not only did they share a love for things no one else cared about, but it was really nice for Cody to get the girl for a change.

9. Ethan and Kate — Lizzie McGuire

Kate may have been Lizzie's mortal enemy throughout the series, but, after The Lizzie McGuire movie, I totally shipped her and Ethan together. Not only were they destined to rule high school together and eventually become prom king and queen, but he helped her see that sometimes it's OK to not have everything figured out.

8. Justin and Juliet — Wizards of Waverly Place

OK, so maybe I was completely jealous that Justin finally got a girlfriend who wasn’t me, but these two were just so cute together. It was also an interesting twist on the whole Romeo and Juliet star-crossed lovers routine.

7. Mason and Alex — Wizards of Waverly Place

Not only did this pairing make every teen girl completely obsessed with Gregg Sulkin and his British accent, but Mason was the perfect counterpart for teen rebel Alex Russo. And who doesn’t love a good werewolf/witch combo?

6. Miley and Jake — Hannah Montana

Obviously, Jake turned out to be a total jerk in the end when he cheated on Miley, but, before all the drama, these two were meant to be. He was literally the only guy that truly understood Miley’s double life. Not even Jesse could juggle both Miley and Hannah Montana.

5. Lily and Oliver — Hannah Montana

The show may have been about Miley, but her best friends had the real love story here. It was refreshing to see Disney pair the best guy friend with someone other than the main girl.

4. Sonny and Chad — Sonny With a Chance

They may have been part of rival shows, but their constant bickering only made me love them more. It was such sweet victory when these two finally confessed their feelings and became a couple.

3. Phil and Keely — Phil of the Future

The relationship that took two whole seasons to develop. And, when it finally did happen, Phil and his family went back to the future. Really Disney Channel? Way to crush all of our hopes and dreams.

2. Kim and Ron — Kim Possible

It was the couple we all saw coming even before the characters did. When Kim finally kissed Ron at prom, everyone gushed about it. Heck, even their classmates cheered about it.

1. Lizzie and Gordo — Lizzie McGuire

Honestly, no couple can hold a candle to Lizzie and Gordo. They were the original Disney Channel OTP, and their epic friend zone romance will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Images: Disney Channel, Giphy (10)