There's Another 'Jack Reacher' Film In the Works Whether We Like It Or Not

Do we need another Jack Reacher film? No. No we really, really don't. We need it less than we need a sequel of It's a Wonderful Life , which is something that we don't need at all, ever. We need it less than another World War, or a meteor hitting the planet and wiping out all forms of life. But this is Hollywood, so we're going to get one anyway: According to Vulture , there is a sequel to Jack Reacher in the works, which will of course once again star Tom Cruise as movie studios try to pretend he's still believable as an action star.

The "inspiration" for the film will reportedly come from Lee Child's latest novel "Never Go Back," the eighteenth installment in the Jack Reacher book series about a ex-military officer who is supposed to be six-foot-five. For the record, Tom Cruise is five-foot-seven — but alrighty, Hollywood. According to Time , the character is also described as "burly."

Anyway, the plot will reportedly revolve around Reacher travelling "cross-country run after facing trumped-up charges, a woman claiming he fathered her child and a female commanding officer." Huh. Sounds dramatic. For some reason Jack Reacher did well in the box office (was everyone like forced into going to see that movie?), so maybe the studio has a plan after all.


Images: Paramount; The Gloss