Mindy Kaling Loves Serial Killers, So Here's 5 Fake Ones Dr. Lahiri Should Date

Murderers are terrifying and mystifying — their rationale behind taking the lives of others often tricky to understand, or just plain mundane and confounding, so it's no wonder that they've taken hold of our cultural consciousness and become a staple for most television drama these days. Mindy Kaling loves serial killers. Because who doesn't, right? The sort of men (and women) who become serial killers, too, are largely cut from an appealing cloth: they're expert planners with great attention to detail, serious commitment to their personal code of ethics, an obsessive nature, and charisma for days. Actually, they sound sort of great when you put it like that.

But, oh right: they still love ending the lives of other people for the sake of, well, doing it. And while we may be of the ilk to believe her serial killer survival guide doesn't go far enough (you should always, for example, take a steak knife with you into the shower in the event of a surprise attack after a long trip away), we do believe her obsession could cross boundaries. Mainly into the world of life imitating art, and by that we mean: Dr. Mindy Lahiri (the character) should totally date one of these 5 hot fictional serial killers on The Mindy Project.

Now before you go and say we're glorifying and sexualizing murder (to which we say: TV and movies did that long before we were put on this earth, my friends), we'd rather have you take a look at the facts. Dr. Lahiri loves true individuals: men who long to stand out from the crowd. Men who are mysterious, brooding, obsessive, with just the right amount of unpredictability to keep someone on their toes are totally her type. So it wouldn't be all that shocking for her to want to shack up with one of these hotties. Besides, maybe she could be the exception to the rule (a.k.a. every naive little girl's illogical and detrimental dream!), no doubt a little bit of fun and love from a spunky and confident female doctor will force them to change their tune and reengineer their genetic makeup so that their brains no longer saw other humans as future murder targets.

Plus they're all just unfathomably handsome, and well, we all know that Dr. Lahiri isn't above all that.

William Lewis from Law & Order: SVU

Mr. Lewis may not be Dr. Lahiri's typical cup of tea — he has no steady job or want for reliable income — but what he lacks in socio-economic normalcy he makes up for in passion. And William Lewis is passionate. He goes after what he wants at all costs, and seems apt to spend days and days and days holed up in small spaces just to make sure his ideas play out exactly how he wants them. In a world made up of apathy and fear, isn't it refreshing to know he isn't afraid to go the distance, no matter how long it might take? That's commitment, folks.

Rudy Cooper from Dexter

Rudy Cooper (also known as Brian Moser to his family and loved ones) is quirky. He's a prosthetist — meaning he creates fake limbs — a job that combines his love of the human body with helping people live, at least outwardly, more normal lives. Add to that the combination of foppish, curly hair and the wide welcoming smile of a toothpaste model and well, you have Rudy Cooper in a nutshell.

Joe Carroll from The Following

Esteemed English Professor and (shh!) full-time cult leader Joe Carroll is about as charismatic as it comes. But you'd have to be to get a bunch of other people to do your bidding for you. Joe, too, is a family man at heart: he'll go to great lengths to make sure he gets to see and be around those he loves. And he's not afraid to surprise you, in fact being a step ahead of the game is one of his favorite things.

Gabriel Gray from Heroes

Gabriel Gray (Syler to those that know him best) is a bit of a renaissance man with a twist. He's a watchmaker and timepiece restorer by trade — an artisan, how quaint! — but could probably be a metaphorical brain surgeon, given his intuitive nature. He's handsome with a gentle, soothing quality to the tone and tenor of his voice. He's also got a big appetite! And on top of all that? Gabriel is highly intelligent — some even say a more evolved sort of human — but not overt about it, preferring to lurk in the background while lesser men grapple for the spotlight. And have you seen those eyebrows? I mean, c'mon.

Paul Specter from The Fall

Handsome, unassuming family man with an accent? Oh hi hello. Paul Specter is a dad, a husband, and a bereavement counselor in Belfast, Ireland. So not only does he have a job that gives back to others, he's also a bit of an everyman, growing up in the blue collar town and committed to his wife and daughter. But while he may not be the most spontaneous and exciting of men, he is a master planner, and is great at taking control of a situation, no matter how seemingly out of control it might look at the onset.

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