8 Tattoos Hillary Clinton Supporters Would Love

Politics, with the ever-changing stream of new issues, candidates, and policies, are not conducive to tattoos. Even a relatively permanent institution, such as the Democratic Party or the Supreme Court, might shift so much in 10 years that you no longer feel the need to showcase them on your ankle or forearm. However, Hillary Clinton supporters could choose a tattoo that transcends her campaign and potential presidency.

Selecting a tattoo that relates more to the former secretary of state's platform instead of her person would probably be a little classier and more meaningful than a giant image of her face on the back of your shoulder (although some people have done it). Even her logo, which is simple and easier for a tattoo artist to replicate, might be a tacky, dated reference one day. The guy who became famous on social media for getting a face tattoo of the Romney logo has said that he's removing it.

But don't worry, you brave, tattooed politics junkies! If you are absolutely set on a Hillary tattoo and refuse the temporary kind, there are better ways to let your body art support HRC. In fact, here are eight cool, classic tats to show your love for the Hillary 2016 campaign.

Gender Equality Tattoo

This tattoo embodies Clinton's commitment to gender equality. The simple design is subtle and less obtrusive than, say, a portrait of Clinton or Gloria Steinem.

Gay Marriage Tattoo

If you made the equality sign your Facebook profile picture, maybe you could make it your next tattoo. This little finger one is adorable.

Climate Change Tattoo

Clinton wants to put America on renewable energy. A recycling or nature-related tattoo can support that message.

Feminist Tattoo

The quote about a woman needing a man like a fish needs a bicycle has become a key aphorism of empowerment in the feminist movement. Clinton's feminist background makes a temporary tattoo like this one — or a real one — a way to support her.

Mental Health Tattoo

The semicolon tattoo is a mark of empowerment for people struggling with mental health problems. Clinton has voted to improve mental healthcare for returning veterans and sponsored legislation to provide older Americans with better mental healthcare.

Planned Parenthood Tattoo

Clinton is an advocate for women's health and helped make it a global issue. If you're a die-hard Planned Parenthood activist, this could be the one for you, even if this example is only temporary.

Racial Equality Tattoo

Clinton supports social justice issues such as fighting against an inherently racist criminal justice system. A set of scales can symbolize justice for disadvantaged communities. It also works if you're a Libra.

Patriarchy Tattoo

Clinton's plan to close the pay gap and give paid sick days will help smash the patriarchy — and maybe a glass ceiling or two. You can chronicle that fight permanently.