Guess Who Fashion's New Indie It Girl Is?

After years of worshipping at the altar of screen sirens who adhere to the same streamlined and traditional sartorial rules, fashionistas are ready for a paragon of quirk and avant-garde modernity — a paragon like actress Greta Gerwig. A Woody Allen-favored ingenue and comedic performer whose offbeat style can be seen on the small screen in Portlandia, and the big screen in Damsels in Distress, Gerwig is just about as far from the average Hollywood actress stereotype as one could imagine. After all, it takes an especially nuanced and vibrant performer to participate in the improv-driven strain of acting known as mumblecore, perform voiceover for an adult-driven cartoon, and take the unorthodox romantic lead in a stream of well-received indie films within the space of a year. And as it so happens, Gerwig's sartorial instincts are just as strong as her acting ability.

Favoring vivid pops of color and striking patterns blended into classic silhouettes on the red carpet, Gerwig's style is one incredibly elegant mashup. Gerwig will step into a strapping suit for a film premiere and quickly follow the look with a peplum-waisted, printed dress at her next public appearance, effectively keeping fashion critics on their toes while satisfying her own whimsical inclinations. Gerwig's manner of dressing is unabashed, innovative, and boundary-breaking, often maintaining a utilitarian spirit even when lengths of lace or figure-hugging silhouettes are involved. Could Gerwig be the next fashion "It Girl"? The answer is an unequivocal absolutely.

1. Gerwig Favors Vintage-Inspired Designs With A Modern Twist

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Uniting vintage and modern aesthetics is a tough task, yet Gerwig manages to execute her ensembles with aplomb. The actress tempers classic silhouettes with bold patterns, and staid frocks with unexpected accessories.

2. Her Style Is Supremely Irreverent

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No other actress could pair an apricot-hued peplum bustier with black pants and avoid all allusions to Halloween, yet Gerwig's irreverent and insurrectionist style revolves around playing with these sartorial boundaries.

3. She Knows How To Spice Up Staid Staples

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A white cotton shirtdress could easily veer into twee territory, but Gerwig's addition of strappy heeled sandals and a metallic, gilded clutch amp up the ensemble. Gerwig often relies on edgy accessories and discreet, urbane details to personalize her attire.

4. Gerwig Supports Budding Designers With Idiosyncratic Aesthetics

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Print and pattern-favoring designers including Proenza Schouler, Rosie Assoulin, Prabal Gurung, and Hellesy are all on Gerwig's sartorial playlist, and the actress's hypnotic wardrobe is all the more intriguing for her offbeat choices.

5. She Isn't Afraid To Rock Pink As A Feminist

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Rather than shying away from the traditionally gendered color in the name of feminism, Gerwig wholeheartedly embraces the brilliant shade. A true feminist such as Gerwig understands that one's empowerment can't be crippled by sporting a stereotypically feminine hue.

6. Gerwig Is A Major Proponent Of The Jumpsuit

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Every current sartorial "It Girl" is rocking a jumpsuit this year, and Gerwig's outlandish oxblood-hued rendition of the trend is ultra-modern.

7. She Knows The Power Of Graphic Black And White Ensembles

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The true fashion virtuoso knows that black and white is the ultimate fallback color combination for formal moments, and Gerwig often flaunts her figure in the hue pairing on the red carpet.

8. Gerwig Is A Proponent Of The "Navy Is The New Black" Movement

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Forget Orange Is The New Black, at least until Netflix debuts the next season of the hit show; this season, navy is the new black thanks to its softer appearance and complexion-enhancing properties. Gerwig is, as always, ahead of the fashion curve.

9. Gerwig Knows How To Rock A Power Suit

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The true girl boss fashion aficionado understands the power that stems from sporting an expertly tailored power suit, and Gerwig is no exception.