Could Britney & Las Vegas Be Parting Ways?

Since September of 2013, I’ve been telling myself/my friends/my family/my coworkers/any poor soul who unwittingly starts a conversation with me that I will make my way to Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino before my queen's residency ends. Welp, it’s August of 2015 and I’ve yet to make good on my promise. (I guess time flies when you're wondering when you'll finally stumble upon the unicorn that is the cheap-but-great Vegas show ticket. I may love Godney with ever fibre of my being, but I won't pay $150 to sit up in the rafters.) And welp part two, it looks like my procrastinating might catch up with me: Britney Spears could pull the plug on Piece of Me at the end of the year. Consider my blood frozen solid.

According to E! News, the pop icon is "in talks" to extend the residency beyond the end of this year, but the deal has yet to be signed. At Sunday night's Teen Choice Awards, Spears told E! News that the show's fate is still up in the air:

I'm not really sure. I haven't made up my mind. I really love doing the show. It's a lot, a lot of fun but I'm kind of torn right now. I don't really know what I want to do.

"Wait just a second!" I barked at my computer when I read that quote. "Didn't Spears tell Good Morning Britain back in September of 2014 that the residency has another two years? WHAT IS HAPPENING?"

I do not know what is happening, but I do know that I always support Godney (yes, that even goes for Chaotic). If walking away from Piece of Me at this time is what she chooses to do and is what makes her happy, so be it.

...However, I'd be lying if I said this decision wouldn't affect me. Oh, it'd definitely affect me.

The Pros

#1: It could light a fire under my butt. If Piece of Me's days are in fact numbered, it'd mean I'd have to stop twiddling my thumbs. It'd mean I'd have to stop waiting for the "perfect" tickets to materialize. It'd mean I'd have to go sooner rather than a year from now. That's not a bad thing.

#2: Britney could start touring again. Assuming this hypothetical tour stops in L.A., I wouldn't have to spend dough on a trip to Sin City. I dig Vegas and all, but you really can't beat the convenience of going to a concert in your own town.

#3: I'd save money. Say Piece of Me does end this year. And say I don't end up going at all (I shudder at the thought). I'd be beyond disappointed, but my bank account would let out multiple sighs of relief.

The Cons

#1: Ticket prices would probably skyrocket. I'm no economist, but I think I have a decent grasp on the law of supply and demand. If Piece of Me is on its way out, I imagine countless Britney fans would be scrambling to get their mitts on those remaining tickets. Ticket resellers would probably adjust their prices accordingly. My bank account is sweating already.

#2: If I can't go this year, that could mean I'm S.O.L. What if a trip to Sin City just isn't in the blackjack cards for me this year? What if I can't find the perfect tickets for the perfect price? What if I, devoted Britney fan since 1998, miss the chance to see my idol crush it on the Vegas Strip?

I realize the world wouldn't end if I didn't get to go to the Axis and dance to "Till The World Ends" with Brit Brit, but I'd be lying if I said I'd eventually get over it. I would never get over it.

#3: It would probably mean the end of the majestic "Toxic" tree.

Of all of the Piece of Me set pieces I've seen via YouTube videos, the spinning "Toxic" tree is my favorite. I would be very sad to see it go.