Nic Cage's 'Tokarev' Trailer Is Very Nic Cage, A Little Liam Neeson

Sometimes I forget that Nicholas Cage is a person. Sorry, forgot to finish that sentence: Sometimes I forget that Nicholas Cage is a person who still makes movies and is in fact not just an Internet meme. But Nic Cage has a new movie coming out! With a new trailer to go with it! So, people, let us take a look at the trailer for Nicholas Cage film Tokarev . Which is about...something. Something action-y.

The trailer opens with Cage picking up his daughter from school, and you can just tell something's about to get hella dramatic because being Nicholas Cage's daughter in a film must be at least something like being Liam Neesan's daughter in a film.

And indeed, girl gets a little murdered. But she was drinking underage, so she totally deserved it! Cue a very sad Cage, who is goaded into revengey action by Danny Glover. It is in general very Russian mob-tacular, if that is something that you're into.

The film is yet to have an actual release date, though, so you're just gonna have to wait eagerly by your computer until that is announced.

In the meantime, we are going to have to remind you of the best "Wrecking Ball" parody of all time.


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Oh, and here's the actual trailer:

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Image: Image Entertainment