Kendall's Workout Gear Is All Kinds Of #Goals

Walking the runway or off the clock, the oldest Jenner sister sports some serious style. Paparazzi recently photographed Kendall Jenner’s sexy athleisure wear after the model wrapped up a gym session in Los Angeles. The reality star stunned in all black, wearing a low-cut sports bra and high-waisted leggings, accessorizing with a fresh pair of Nikes and round-lensed sunglasses. Whether or not she actually worked up a sweat is debatable, but there is no denying her model-status attire.

Is anything more satisfying than looking good in the clothes you wear to work out in? Feeling fantastic in your athleisure wear not only vastly improves your performance at the gym, but also makes for a prime selfie. It’s really no surprise, though, that Jenner, who broke Instagram’s record for most-liked photo, has this strategy down pat.

An avid gym-goer myself, I’ve been known to take a few fitness selfies from time to time — OK, like all the time — but I don’t particularly have an impressive workout wardrobe. Don’t mind me over here practically drooling over Jenner’s designer pieces, color coordinated ensembles, and matching accessories like layered chain necklaces, aviator shades, and sweatbands. Anyone else in favor of a Jenner-Nike collab happening ASAP?

If Jenner really is up in the gym working on her fitness, she cleans up nice, and still looks flawless in her exercise attire post-sweat sesh. Regardless, her Instagram is filled with sporadic gym gear inspo that will have you ready to hit the treadmill — or dress like you did.

Check out nine times Kendall Jenner gave you all the workout style feels and consider this your mini Kendall Jenner fitness fashion lookbook.

1. Sister Session

If ever there were a cool girl gym look, Kendall Jenner perfects it in this pic complete with Nike sports bra, open zip-up hoodie, and stunner shades.

2. Blood, Sweat & Nikes

Jenner did it a little too hard, but at least her footwear was fancy.

3. Boxing Beauty

Jenner may have been far from home, but she manages to squeeze in a boxing match to get her cardio in. I'm a Jersey girl myself, but I am loving this Los Angeles crop jacket.

4. Photo Bomb

Getting in on Kim K's selfie action, Jenner and her sister match in all gray, black, and white. Note the sweatband to complete the look.

5. Hiking Hottie

Eighty degrees in Malibu, but that's not the hottest thing in this pic. Casually throwing her hair in a ponytail, Jenner looks like a natural ten in her neon tank and yoga leggings.

6. Biker Babe

So what if Jenner whips her hair back and forth and throws it in a pony mid-biking trip. Don't you?

7. Graphic Tee

As much as I love matching my gym gear to a T, sometimes you just feel like throwing on a graphic T-shirt or tank and getting in a good sweat.

8. Neons

Good for Kendall for showing off what she's got, right? We can all take some inspiration from that confidence — even if wearing neon sports bras and socks aren't our thing. Work it, girl.

9. Pop of Pink

Most of us opt to match our tank with our leggings, or head gear with our shoes. When you're Kendall Jenner, you almost always match your sports bra with your sneaks and go hoodie unzipped. Flawless.