How To Battle Hat Hair This Fall

A great hat is a fall accessory must have, but the downfall to wearing fabulous hat is hat hair. So while a hat for the rainy, windy, bitter cold commute to work is a good idea, you may need a few quick tips for how to fix hat hair once you get to the office.

Not everyone is a hat gal, and that's totally okay. Yet, more and more people are beginning to venture into stylish looks with hats in the fall and wintertime. Floppy felt hats and chunky knit beanies are dual purpose for both style and utility, and not to mention, they keep your hair from getting creased and crazy. Plus, we have hat aficionados to look up to, like Duchess Kate and Khloe Kardashian.

The good news about hair and hats is that you can style your hair however you want—you can wear a hat and still pull off a gorgeous blow out in the office. Hats don't have to ruin a hairstyle.

Here are a few tricks for bringing life back into your 'do after wearing a hat.

1. Blow It Out

Timur Emek/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

No, I'm not suggesting you haul a blow dryer to the office every day. After you get into the office, head straight to the restroom. Remove your hair, flip your hair over, and use the hand dryers to blow out your hair. Instant blow dry bar, thank you very much! This is quick way to bring body back into your hair and remove that stuck-to-the-scalp hat head.

2. Use Dry Shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo, $6, Target

Have intense, slicked down hat hair? De-matte your hair by using dry shampoo near the scalp, and then massaging it into the roots. This will loosen up hat creasing and soak up any sweat.

3. De-Static

If you pull off your knit beanie to reveal out-to-there hat hair static, the easy fix is to take a dryer sheet (you never know when these come in handy, so keep them in your emergency drawer at work!) and run it over your hair. If you don't have one handy, hand sanitizer or lotion will work just as well. And if you want something that was made just for frizzy hair, try Chic Sheets, a hair refreshing towelette that promises to eliminate static and tame flyaways, all while making your hair smell super fresh.

Chic Sheets, $15, Amazon

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