The 'Hotwives' Are Back To Spoof New 'Housewives'

If you're not familiar with Hulu's original series yet, I suggest you change that immediately. As in, right now, because on Tuesday, The Hotwives of Las Vegas premiered on the streaming service. The series serves as the follow-up to last year's short but sweet parody of the Real Housewives franchises, The Hotwives of Orlando. Similar to Yahoo's Bachelor parody, Burning Love, Hotwives mixes total accuracy with usually very silly humor. While Casey Wilson is still (thankfully) the star of the series, the whole Hotwives of Las Vegas cast is ready to change things up, much like the way Bravo premieres new seasons of different Housewives franchises before they return to the same group of ladies for more.

In that spirit, the Hotwives has a new group of ladies living in Las Vegas, who are spoofing all new members of the Real Housewives family. And that means there will be a whole new group of performances to get used to. Just like in Season 1, the parody will be a mix of several different franchises and several different women from them, with just as many laughs to be found. Here's who you'll get to watch party in Vegas on Hulu every Tuesday, Hotwives- style.

Casey Wilson As Jenfer

Performing while actually pregnant, Wilson hasn't stopped with her commitment to the bit, but she's playing a different character than last year's Tawny. This season, Jenfer is another slow-thinking Hotwife, but with a major Southern drawl that makes Wilson sound like a brown-haired Kim Zolciak. Wilson also has a lot of TV and movie experience, from starring in Happy Endings and Marry Me to writing Bride Wars and Ass Backwards.

Angela Kinsey As First Lady

Yes, she is credited as "First Lady." I liked Kinsey's Alexis Bellino-esque religious spoof last season, but this year she seems to be going for a cross between Sonja Morgan (delusions of grandeur), a little Shannon Beador, and the Countess LuAnn de Lesseps' meaningless title. Kinsey is best known for playing Angela on The Office.

Andrea Savage As Ivanka

Savage is probably the best mimic out of the whole cast, which is why they've given her another RHOBH accent to spoof — "Ivanka" is basically a pitch-perfect rendition of Yolanda Foster. Savage was just on Episodes, and she's used her voice before to play Julie on Life and Times of Tim, an underrated HBO show.

Tymberlee Hill As Phe Phe

That's right, Phe Phe's back! Because what show doesn't need more Phaedra Parks-inspired humor? As the one remaining cast member of Orlando, she's now upgraded from a lawyer to a judge, and her new husband is a convicted felon. Hill just finished a supporting role on Marry Me, and will probably pop up on Season 3 of Drunk History as a utility player. Phe Phe!

Dannah Fienglass Phirman As Leona

Last season, I thought that perhaps it was just too easy for them to do a Caroline Manzo spoof. "Fambly," etc. But Phirman is diving in haircut first, and even added some traces of Miami's Alexia Echevarria's indulgence of her son. In addition to co-creating Hotwives, Phirman had some starring roles in television, including the title character on Word Girl.

Danielle Schneider As Denise

Poking fun at herself for being the boring, hated one, my first thought was that Denise was supposed to be a Lydia McLaughlin from RHOC spoof. But they've leaned into the "recently divorced" jokes, and Lydia seemed genuinely happy in real life. To make it funnier, Schneider, who co-created the show, added in some Shannon Beador (the premiere has some fantastic assigned seat shenanigans) for extra zaniness.

Erinn Hayes As Callie

I'm kind of shocked that former RHOBH star Carlton Gebbia warranted a parody, but Hotwives could use a little Satanism, so adding Hayes, who normally plays genuinely funny characters in shows like New Girl, Parks and Recreation, and Children's Hospital, makes it less of a waste of time than the real Carlton on the real Housewives.

All seven Hotwives will be combined into one supergroup, mixing Bravo's production style in a blender, adding way more jokes, and distilling it down to 20-ish minutes of sound effects, whip pans, and air kisses. By assembling a cast of top comicedic talent, most of whom are returning from Season 1, The Hotwives of Las Vegas promises to be yet another fantastic summer 2015 comedy.

Images: Giphy; Hulu (5)