She's One More Celeb Who Loves 'Girls'

Are you a fan of Lena Dunham's creation Girls? Obviously, you're not alone: HBO's Girls is currently in production on its fifth season, and it takes plenty of loyal viewers to keep the series afloat. Some of these loyal viewers are none other than celebrities themselves — including Kate Bosworth, who recently professed her adoration of the TV show in an interview with Marie Claire. Bosworth, who will star in the upcoming horror-thriller Amnesiac, discussed her love of the feminist TV series with the magazine, and any Girls fan can relate to why Bosworth loves the show so much.

Marie Claire asked Bosworth about sharing her life with women, something that Bosworth has been open about in her previous interviews. According to Bosworth, that's the reason she feels so personally connected to Dunham's show: she loves that it celebrates women.

[The importance of female friendship is] why I love Girls so much. Lena so unabashedly throws it out there, like, this is what it's like, and I think it hits a very real bond for a lot of women. I have such great women in my life from my mom to my grandmother to my really good girlfriends who I can share my life with, and it continues to grow.

So what other stars have spoken out about their love of Girls? Here are just a few celebs who consider themselves fans:

1. James Franco

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Interview star penned an essay about Girls for Huffington Post, applauding Dunham for showing the inner lives of women with her smart writing — even if he did also say that he felt that the men on the show were "the biggest bunch of losers" he had ever seen.

2. Malia Obama


The First Daughter's love of Girls actually scored her a super sweet summer gig. According to Us Weekly, Obama reportedly met with Dunham when the show creator was invited to the White House, which led to Dunham offering her an internship on the show. Obama was spotted fetching coffee for Dunham and the rest of the Girls gang in Brooklyn in summer of 2015.

3. Taylor Swift

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Before the 1989 mogul and Dunham were BFFs, Swift was just a huge fan of Dunham's work. In 2013 Swift told ABC News Radio that she loved how "relatable" and "smart" Girls is. Dunham later confessed to ET Online that she listened to Swift's music while penning episodes of the show — clearly these two inspire one another creatively.

4. Chelsea Kane


The Baby Daddy actress loves Girls , but can't decide if Adam is "hilarious" or if she wants to "punch him in the face."

5. Mindy Kaling

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Kaling is a close friend of Dunham's, and also a huge fan of her work. The feeling is mutual: the two interviewed one another for Rookie and proclaimed that they were one another's fans as well as friends.

6. Ashley Benson


The Pretty Little Liars actress' favorite TV shows to tweet about happens to also be another show about four young women. Except instead of running from A, these women are running away from responsibilities.

7. Idris Elba


The Mandela actor may be a big screen favorite, but he really wants to be on the small screen with Dunham. In 2014 Elba tweeted at the Girls creator and star asking for a scene with her on the HBO series.

I'd be happy with any of the above appearing as a guest star on the new series. Hey, there are four leads: they all need love interests, bosses, and sassy baristas to interact with, right?