Vicki Has To Defend Brooks — Again — On 'RHOC'

Can we not have nice things? The TL;DR answer is no, because a nice birthday dinner for Brooks on Real Housewives of Orange County was more of a s***show than Shannon at booty class, and that's putting it nicely. The two friends hit a rough spot in their friendship when Shannon tried to tell Vicki that there was Brooks cancer talk behind her back on RHOC . Shannon instantly broke down — seriously, five words in — but Vicki did not want to hear it. Like, at all. So are these two going to get past this little snafu in their relationship? And is this going to turn into a huge fight between Vicki and Meghan (you betcha).

So after Tamra's booty class, a few of the ladies — sans Vicki — hung around Cut Fitness to gossip, as the women do. They got on the topic of Brooks' cancer, which had earlier been subjected to scrutiny by Tamra's psychic. Meghan, Tamra, and Heather shared with Shannon that the psychic was questioning if Brooks had cancer. He never once said Brooks was lying, he just said "he didn't see it." I don't know what the rules are for psychic readings, but is it that easy to tap into complete strangers' lives — people who aren't even in the surrounding vicinity — and make such a proclamation?

Anyway, Shannon was very uncomfortable with the conversation occurring around her, which led to her bringing it up at Brooks' birthday dinner. Shannon... what happened to what happens at Cut Fitness, stays at Cut Fitness? Isn't that, like, the rules of the booty class? Anywho, Shannon decides to bring up the discussion to Vicki at dinner. It was probably the worst time to bring it up. Shannon ~slyly~ asks Vicki to go to the bathroom with her so she can bring up the earlier conversation, and almost immediately Vicki loses it.

Vicki doesn't want to hear any of the gossip that Shannon is giving her. Shannon — who feels "dirty inside" because she knows this information — quickly says that she won't tell Vicki if she doesn't want to hear it. At this point, Shannon, you brought it up, so you might as well say it. Back at the table, Vicki starts screaming at Shannon for bringing up the gossip. Vicki says she doesn't care what Meghan was saying about Brooks. Vicki doesn't want Brooks to go through the ringer just because he is dating her.

In all the ten seasons of RHOC, I've never seen Vicki so furious. She essentially had steam coming out of her ears. After walking out of the dinner, Shannon was left crying to David, her husband. While I don't think this will be the end of the friendship for Vicki and Shannon, I do think this could be the beginning of the end for Meghan and Vicki. But did they really have a chance to begin with?

Images: Shannon Beador/Instagram