Two More Dancers Leave 'SYTYCD'

This is really becoming a season of surprising and disappointing eliminations on So You Think You Can Dance. On Monday night's episode, the Top 10 quickly became the Top 8 as Jessica "JJ" Rabone and Edson Juarez were eliminated from the competition. While JJ's elimination was less surprising (though equally as sad), Edson's elimination was totally unjustified, especially considering how incredible his contemporary routine with All-Star Jaimie had been earlier that night.

JJ unfortunately was unable to dance in Monday night's episode as she had injured her ribs and was told by doctors to sit out of the competition for the week, so her eliminations was both sad and disappointing as we never got to see her give one final performance. In fact, she was unable to even do a Top 10 solo thanks to her injury so the last time we saw her dance in the Top 14 competition is her last time dancing on the show. JJ deserved a chance to keep fighting, but Edson was robbed of his spot in the Top 8 in my opinion.

While Derek Piquette is a good dancer and definitely deserves to be on SYTYCD for Season 12, his work so far in the Top 20 has not allowed him to keep his spot over Edson on the show. Not only has Edson evolved week to week, he also gave the most extraordinary performance on Monday night in a Travis Wall-choreographed contemporary number with All-Star Jaimie. Edson will definitely make a mark on the dancing world, it's only a matter of time now.

Images: Screenshot/FOX; Whipclip