Edson & Travis Wall Make 'SYTYCD' Magic Together

With every new season and every new routine, Travis Wall shows that he is easily one of the best new choreographers in So You Think You Can Dance history and in the world of dance in general. Monday night's episode of the Top 10 dancers of Season 12 was no exception. Travis choreographed a routine for contestant Edson Juarez and All-Star Jaimie that not only proved how incredible Edson really is but also showed that the series would not be nearly as brilliant if it wasn't for Travis as a choreographer. Edson nailed the routine with grace, pain, technique, and passion and proved that he deserved to be in the competition. Unfortunately he was sent home later in the night. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful routine involving a man who was unwilling to let someone he loved go into the light and succumb to death. Both dancers were perfection but they could only be that way thanks to the gorgeous moves from Travis. At this point, isn't it time to just give the guy all the choreography Emmys?

It's still funny to me to think back on Travis Wall the dancer, rather than the choreographer. Travis was the runner-up in Season 2 of SYTYCD, narrowly losing out to West Coast Swing dancer Benji but proving that he was one of the most talented and memorable contestants ever on the series. In Season 5, Travis came back to the show as a choreographer for a routine with contestants Jeanine and Jason and from then on, his name was cemented in greatness. There's truly no one like him in the group of choreographers for series, and as corny as it sounds, there never will be.

Images: Screenshot/FOX; Whipclip