Maddie Ziegler's Best Magazine Covers

She has conquered the dance floor, music videos, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TV. Of course, I'm talking about Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler. What more could this 12-year-old dancer accomplish? Well, she is also a dazzling model — and I've rounded up the best of Maddie Ziegler's magazine covers to prove it. She's been featured in more than a dozen magazines, both on the covers and in interviews asking "What's next?" for the young, but mighty talented dancer who teamed up with Sia for the music videos for "Elastic Heart" and "Chandelier," as well as the singer's performances on Saturday Night Live and the Grammy Awards earlier this year.

Ziegler is a the breakout star from Lifetime's Dance Moms, and she told Nylon magazine that she had no idea the show would take off the way it did. She said in the interview with the publication that she tires to stay grounded — even when her face is now gracing magazine covers all over the world. “My friends and I on the show, we don’t consider ourselves to be famous," Ziegler told Nylon. "We act like normal kids, but sometimes it’s hard for us if we go out for ice cream, or go shopping at the mall, because a big group of people will stop us and ask for photos. We just want to live normal lives, but that’s hard to do sometimes.”

It seems like Ziegler is handling fame like a pro. Check out some of her best magazine covers below.

1. Schon! Magazine

One of her more unique covers is this one from the London based publication. I'm guessing the makeup and clothing is supposed to channel Michael Jackson? Anyway, inside the mag, Ziegler is game for more artistic photos with interesting costumes, headdresses, and wigs — she even dances in a few photos!

2. Canvas Magazine

The Maddie love has hit New Zealand. This weekly magazine comes with The New Zealand Herald newspaper and Ziegler graced the cover in May, with the headline: "The Prodigy." Truer words have not been spoken.

3. Stella Magazine

This Norwegian mag also used a similar headline, because how else can you describe this wunderkind? Well, the word "wunderkind" works, too.

4. Dance Spirit Magazine

I mean, of course Ziegler would grace the cover of the May/June issue of this dance-centric mag — she is dance spirit personified.

5. R1 Magazine

This Israeli publication featured a photo of Ziegler and Sia on their cover in April along with the headline, "Fame Is Lame." Perhaps it's commentary on Sia's refusal to show her face.

6. Kode Magazine

Last summer, the fashion magazine featured Ziegler in a stylish spread, masked and not, and in some — of course — wigs. Sia would be proud.