The Slacker's Guide to Holiday Decor

Happy holidays, fellow slackers! This is a time of year when our best intentions diverge most radically from our mediocre follow-through. Though we slackers may dream of Whoville-caliber decor or a light display brighter than Clark Griswold's, we rarely end up devoting the time and craftiness necessary. But not this year! It's not too late to channel your inner Buddy the Elf and spruce up your home and work place with these seven slacker's tips for holiday decor.

Image: Pexels

Go Candy Cane Crazy

Instant sugary Yuletide spirit! Stick candy canes all over the office, set out a bowl of them on your desk or coffee table, or arrange them in mugs. Secret tip: no one will eat them. Like Peeps or turkey, people don’t really enjoy eating candy canes, but they are so darn cute and cheery.

Image: Pexels


Get Yourself a Tree (or Have Someone Else Do It For You)

Have you looked at Instagram lately? News flash: Christmas trees are in. And, what’s more, you don’t have to pull a Mindy Lahiri and drag your tree home on your back; you can have one delivered to your door. Check out The Sill for some adorable mini trees: they’re incredibly easy to care for (read: impossible to kill), you won’t have those fangled needles all over the place, and they’re just the right size for a teeny apartment or desk.

Holiday August Tree, $48, The Sill

Fairy Lights

A strand of softly-glowing twinkle lights will warm up any space, including a drab office (or a boring wedding). Buy ‘em at a drug store, hang ‘em from plastic hooks, and ta da! You have a festive space.

Firefly String Lights, $28, Urban Outfitters

...Or Pine-Scented Candles

Spread cheer and that amazing pine smell without the hassle of a living, shedding conifer Pine-scented candles are easy, cozy magic. These are especially perfect in the bathroom or bedroom. (Just don’t slack so much that you end up substituting with a car freshener.)

Linnea’s Lights Fir Candle, $30, Terrain


Stick red, silver, or gold bows on your door, mailbox, or cubicle. In lieu of a wreath, bows add cheer, mess-free. For some DIY bow-making tips, check this out. Wreaths don’t hurt either.

Image: Etsy

Paper Snowflakes

Remember these? Here are easy-to-follow instructions, as a refresher. You can leave these up through February!

Image: Pexels


...and Those Paper Chains

For a fun craft that involves counting and stapling, look no further than the infamous-among-fourth-graders paper chain, in which you connect loops of paper. Festive, essentially free, and a good substitute for a calendar.

Image: Fotolia