9 Ways 'RHOBH' Will Be Different Without Kim

When Real Housewives of Beverly Hills first started, the only cast members I was at all familiar with were Kyle and Kim Richards, because I recognized them as Paris Hilton's aunts. The Richards sisters' dynamic is the real heart and soul of RHOBH, so I'm pretty thrown off by Kim Richards' departure. Kim has always been such an integral part of the show. Sure, she's gotten into it with literally every single member of the cast (past and present), yet there is just something about her that will always be endearing to me.

I understand that Kim needs to focus on her sobriety and legal drama, but that does not mean that she won't be missed on the show. I don't think that I'll believe she's gone until the first episode airs, and she is missing from the introduction sequence and I don't hear her spewing out a witty catchphrase. Until then, I will remain in denial.

I know she got on a lot of people's nerves, but she made the show what it is today. In all honesty, it is just not going to be the same without her. Here are a few ways Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be different without Kim Richards.

1. There Will Be No More Sister Arguments

There is nothing more real than some sister on sister arguing. The battles between Kim and Kyle have been the most authentic and moving moments in the show so there will definitely be a void next season.

2. There Will Be Less Paris Hilton References

I can't explain it, but I am filled with joy whenever Kim utters "My niece Paris" at random points during the interviews. It cracks me up every time. At least Kyle will be around to continue that tradition.

3. The Show Will Be Lacking Comic Relief

Kim is the only one on RHOBH who is genuinely funny, even if it's not always on purpose. She has the most hilarious moments, and hers are fun to watch because they are just good fun and not necessarily offensive toward someone else, as if often the case with this show.

4. Lisa Rinna Will Have No Story Line

Aside from talking about her willingness to take any job and a few mentions of her parents' health, Kim Richards was Lisa Rinna's story line. Lisa was always questioning Kim's sobriety and getting into it with her, so I wonder what she will focus on next season.

5. There Will Be Less Nonsensical Insults

Kim really is a sweet person so I think that's why her insults usually miss the mark when she is trying to be mean. Her mean moments never fit her personality, so the ways she wants to call someone out just never make sense.

6. No One Will Call Mauricio By The Wrong Name (Hopefully)

I laugh every single time Kim calls her sister's husband "Maurice" instead of "Mauricio." She's known him for years, yet it still happens. No one is going to make that mistake when she's gone — or at least I hope not.

7. We Will Have To Watch RHONY For Turtle References

Kim was very open with her affection for turtles. Now we are going to have to watch Ramona on Real Housewives of New York City if we want to hear anyone reference turtles.

8. The Show Is Going To Be Way Less Adorable

Kim is just so cute. Even though she has been through some hard times, there is a sweet innocence about her and she has an adorable zest for life. The other ladies try too hard to be calm and collected. I'll miss Kim's weird phrases and precious facial expressions.

9. There Will Be No One To Root For

I love all of the ladies on RHOBH, but it can by tough to sympathize with their problems. Kim has the most compelling story line and we can all see that she is a wonderful person, so it's sad when she hits her lows. Her fans have loved watching her try to pull through and overcome her issues. Without her on the show, we will be left with dinner party drama and shopping trips for dog apparel.

Kim Richards may have been at the center of a lot of controversy, but she is a kind person who brought something unique to Real Housewives. She can never be replaced and us fans will all miss her.

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