This Cat Looks Like An Adorable Vampire

In today's tidbit of cat-related news for all the feline enthusiasts out there we have this: Loki the cat looks like a vampire because of her super sharp teeth. And you know what? It's actually adorable. In fact, if that's not adorable enough for your daily fix of adorable things, I would suggest reconsidering your priorities, because clearly Loki and her Instagram account are more important than anything else you could possibly be doing right now. Oh, and there's also this: Not only do Loki's tooth protrude similarly to those of vampires, but even better, she also seems to stick her tongue out a tiny bit, adding to the whole furry I'm-going-to-bite-you-and-then-drink-your-blood-and-then-lick-my-paws-clean aesthetic. If you thought it was cute when Stefan and Damon from Vampire Diaries bared their fangs, you'll definitely love it when Loki does it.

Evolutionarily speaking, it makes sense that cats would have long, sharp teeth for hunting purposes. A common theory suggests that house cats all descended from the Middle Eastern wildcat, a carnivorous creature that needed sharp teeth to sink into its prey, which consisted of voles, mice, rats, ducks, pigeons, and waterfowl. Of course, as cats were domesticated and kept as pets, they didn't need to hunt anymore; as their diets changed, their teeth changed as well.

So it's not all that wild that Loki has such sharp, long fangs — but it is unusual to see her specific appearance in house cats these days. Check out some of these photos to see the adorable creature at her finest, and check out @loki_kitteh on Instagram for more.

1. Loki Being Super Adorable

2. Loki Putting On a Scary Dace for the Fans

3. Loki and Her Lavish Lifestyle

4. Loki and Her Lovely Human

5. Loki All Snuggled Up

6. Loki Cooling Off

7. Trying to Figure Out What's Going On

8. Turnup Loki

9. Ready for Bed

Who wouldn't be, after all this sudden fame?

Check out more adorable photos of Loki on her and her human's Instagram.

Images: Pexels; loki_kitteh/Instagram (9)