Gaga's 'LG5' Should Be A Disco Album

It wasn't long after wrapping her tour with Tony Bennett that Lady Gaga announced that she was working on a brand new solo album. Though the New York native has been pretty hush-hush about the details of LG5, she's finally (maybe) given her fans a hint about things to come. Little Monsters, Lady Gaga has gone disco. On Monday night, Gaga posted a video of her tapping her fashionable toes to her own cover of the disco classic, "More, More, More." The song was first released in 1976 by Andrea True Connection, and Gaga's version pays homage to the original while adding her own flare. So, does this mean the tentatively titled LG5 is going disco? I, for one, hope so.

Lady Gaga has always been an experimental pop star who plays with genre. She has time hopped from the '80s in Born this Way to the '60s with Cheek to Cheek and to a thousand years in the future with ArtPop. Something about the heyday of disco in the '70s seems perfectly suited for Gaga. There was glitz, wild fashion, and so, so much dancing. Similar to Gaga's style, a lot of disco tracks were about sociopolitical issues that made people listen up while they were grooving into the night.

Lady Gaga is made for disco, and here's why.

1. She Has Already Mastered The Sound

Enough said.

2. She's A Human Disco Ball

Just think of the stage show!

3. Gaga Has The '70s Style Down

Hello, bellbottoms.

4. We Already Know How Much She Loves Disco

Take us to heaven, Gaga.

5. She Already Has Her Down Symbol Of The Disco Movement

Ladies and gentlemen, the disco stick.

6. She Could Really Tap Into Her New York Roots

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gaga hails from the birthplace of the disco movement. NYC was home to the world's most infamous disco clubs, including Studio 54. She could bring us back to that era of decadence like no one else.

7. She Wouldn't Just Parody Disco, She Would Reinvent It

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lady Gaga has never been just a pop star. She's a performance artist, a visual artist, and a social activist. Her take on disco wouldn't be just a regurgitation of music history; it would be its own monster.

C'mon Gaga, bellbottoms are already making their way back, strike while the iron is hot! Just don't bring the polyester with you.