We Still Have Some Questions About A On 'PLL'

We all know by now that being a Pretty Little Liars fan is no easy task. Just when you think you have everything figured out — after years of sleepless nights and obsessive Tumblr research — only to have it all disproved in one fell swoop. CeCe Drake is A. You know it. I know it. The whole world now knows it. But that doesn't mean we still don't have a ton of questions about A that PLL has yet to answer. The good news is, though, that I. Marlene King has confirmed that Vanessa Ray, who plays CeCe, will definitely be returning in some capacity when the show returns for Season 6B. That means fans can almost definitely expect more answers to come out of the woodwork in regards to A's actions. The bad news is, we have quite a few months worth of waiting until any of that unfolds.

But being the diehard PLL lover that I am, that's not going to stop me from getting all of my questions in order way ahead of time. Not only does this allow me to keep all of my A-centric thoughts in order, but it also helps to harness my PLL obsession and use it for the greater good. (You know, if the greater good involves solving all of Rosewood's many mysteries.) So when Season 6B makes its grand debut, here are a few lingering questions about A that I hope the series eventually addresses.

1. How Did A Become So Tech Savvy?

I understand that all of CeCe's reading and studying at Radley made her into some sort of genius, but that still doesn't explain how she was so well informed about computers, phones, and other hackable devices. Did Radley have a computer class? It just seems like some of these skills wouldn't be something you could just get from a book.

2. What's The Connection Between A & Sara Harvey?

We know that Sara Harvey was both Red Coat and Black Widow. What we don't know is why. Why was Sara helping A? How did they meet? Was she helping as a friend or was A blackmailing her in some way? If we could just establish a clear connection between these two charters, then we might have a better handle on Sara's motivation and maybe come to hate her less. (I said maybe.)

3. Did A Ever Have Wren For A Doctor?

Was A who he was on the phone with when he said: “I’ve taken care of my part, now you take care of yours.”??? Because this guy has to be involved in some way. HE JUST HAS TO.

4. Why Did A Not Check Alison's Pulse After Hitting Her?

As smart as A is supposed to be, I find it hard to believe that CeCe didn't take the time to — oh, I don't know — make sure the sister that she loves so much is actually dead. Though, I guess Mrs. D also shares some of the blame here. But still.

5. How Did A Perform So Many Medical Procedures?

The note in Hanna's tooth… the tracking chips in all of the Liars… this is the work of a skilled medical practitioner. So unless CeCe has a secret Ph.D. I'd love to know how the heck she pulled this off.

6. How Did She Become Rosewood High's Prom Queen?

Either the teachers are completely unaware of who their actual students are or CeCe managed to plant fake student records into her administration file. Either way, I'd really love an answer to this riddle.

7. Why Did A Want Aria To Bring Back The Pink Streaks Look?

CeCe didn't even know who Aria was back then, so why was she so adamant about her returning to this particular hairstyle? It just doesn't make any sense.

8. What Is This About?

CeCe claims this never happened, so did Jason just hallucinate this interaction or is there something else going on here? Twin theory, anyone?

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