Every Big A Thought ‘Pretty Little Liars' Fans Have Experienced In The Past Six Seasons & Still Apply Today

For many people, watching TV is considered to be a leisurely activity. For Pretty Little Liars fans, though, it's a roller coaster ride of emotions and a hotbed of complex theorizing. Basically, watching this show has, in a way, become a full time job in and of itself — one that I've been happy to clock into every Tuesday night. And even though all of our questions are about to finally be answered in the PLL Season 6A finale — including the mother of all riddles: A's actual identity — it's hard not to look back and feel nostalgic as this particular journey reaches its bittersweet conclusion.

No longer will we lie awake at night, contemplating the many different people A could potentially be. We will already know the answer. (Honestly, I can't even fully wrap my mind around such a concept right now.) But until that moment of complete and total awareness is upon us, I thought it would be fun to honor our road to A-ternal knowledge by recalling every single thought we've ever had about A throughout the past six seasons. It may have been frustrating at times (OK, more like all of the time), but man, has it also been one hell of a ride. And for more fun theories, be sure to check out Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave:

1. How did A recruit his minions?

2. Were flyers involved or maybe he made a Craigslist or Facebook page?

3. Is there a How To Create Your Own Evil Army handbook that I'm unaware of?

4. What's the deal with all of those ruffled, yellow tank tops?

5. Does A just really like the style or was it simply more cost effective to buy in bulk?

6. Speaking of money, how can A afford to buy so much stuff?

7. Creepy dollhouse lairs can't come cheap.

8. A's doll obsession has given me nightmares on more than one occasion.

9. I definitely know who A is.

10. I definitely have no idea who A is.

11. Am I A?

12. *receives a phone call that was supposedly a misdial* Was that A?

13. Did A kill Bethany?

14. Did A kill Mrs. D?

15. Is it weird that A is both mentally unstable and also the smartest person I know?

16. Why? Just WHHHHHYYYYY?!?! - every question in relation to A.

17. Do A and Red Coat hang out during their free time? (That is, when they aren't plotting evil vendettas against the Liars.)

18. Would they stay in and watch Netflix or go out for Happy Hour?

19. Not gonna lie, I'd 'ship it.

20. Does A get major shade when buying all these creepy masks or are these all online purchases?

21. Is Uber A the founder of Uber?

22. If A wasn't so busy stalking the Liars, he could totally start his own greeting card business.

23. You know, for those that like one or two threats to go along with their rhyme-y holiday limericks.

24. OMG, maybe that's a clue.

25. Does A work for Hallmark?

26. Seriously, who is A?

27. It could literally be anyone at this point.

28. Well, except Caleb. PLEASE GOD, whatever you do, don't let it be Caleb.

Now that we've all got that out of our system, watch as these people who have never watched the series before try to describe PLL, their thoughts on A, and so much more!

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