14 Movie Restaurants To Nomz At IRL

These days, it seems like nearly everything in films is fabricated. The stunts, the effects, the locations — all fictionalized (or at least, not 100% authentic). Occasionally, though, a movie will give us a gem of reality in the midst of all the inauthenticity in the best form: a restaurant to dine at in real life so you can pretend that you're in the movie. For my fellow movie and food enthusiasts out there, here are 14 movie restaurants that you can eat at in real life.

I can't be the only person out there who has watched Friends and dreamed of consuming a scone and a latte from Central Perk. But alas, Central Perk, the coffeehouse of my dreams, simply isn't a real place. There are, however, some restaurants from your favorite films that are all too real and, if your budget can take the hit, then you can dine at them in real life and pretend like you're the first person to have the idea of seeking out your favorite movie eateries.

So take a gander at these famous restaurants (or, at least, restaurants featured in famous movies) that will surely take both your cinephile and foodie status to the next level.

1. Katz's Delicatessen, When Harry Met Sally — New York, NY

Katz's kosher deli was the home of Meg Ryan's infamous fake orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally. Katz's has also made appearances on Law & Order and in films like Across The Universe and Enchanted. If you find yourself in New York, you should stop by and have some of what Meg Ryan had.

2. Smith & Wollensky's, American Psycho — New York, NY

Psychopaths of the American variety and Batmen all agree: Smith & Wollensky's is the place to get your steak fix in NYC.

3. Coyote Ugly, Coyote Ugly — New York, NY

" Who am I? I'm just a small-town girl who moved to the big city with big dreams just to find out the only way to make it in the big city is to shake it. And that's what I do at the Coyote Ugly."

4. Cicada, Pretty Woman — Los Angeles, CA

Cicada in L.A. is the site of the infamous escargot scene in Pretty Woman and has also been featured in a host of other films, including Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Indecent Proposal, The Artist, and Bruce Almighty.

5. The Great Wall Restaurant, I Love You, Man — Reseda, CA

The Great Wall Chinese Restaurant was featured in a number of films, including Drive, I Love You, Man, and Norbit.

6. Randy's Donuts, Iron Man 2 — Inglewood, CA

In one scene in Iron Man 2, a drunk Iron Man rests in the giant donut that sits atop Randy's Donuts in Inglewood, CA, and if you make it to Inglewood and are good at climbing things, you, too, can do the same.

7. The Blue Room, Memento — Burbank, CA

The Blue Room bar is heavily featured in Christopher Nolan's psychological thriller, Memento. If Memento doesn't royally mess with your minds, a few stiff cocktails at The Blue Room in Burbank, CA will do the trick.

8. Cantina Taqueria & Tequila Bar, Hall Pass — Atlanta, GA

Atlanta's Cantina Taqueria was featured in Owen Wilson and Jenna Fischer's film, Hall Pass, which tells the tale of a couple who take a break from their marriage for a week of debauchery.

9. Twede's Cafe, Twin Peaks — North Bend, WA

Twede's Cafe was the location of many scenes in the cult TV series, Twin Peaks.

10. Tom's Restaurant, Seinfeld — New York, NY

Seinfeld enthusiasts will immediately recognize the exterior of Tom's Restaurant, as it made an appearance in almost every episode of this comedy series.

11. Nobu, Notting Hill — London, UK

As if London didn't already feel like something out of a romantic comedy, all you have to do while you're in London is swing by the actual Notting Hill and eat at the Nobu dined at by Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant and you will literally be living the romantic comedy of a lifetime.

12. The Silver Skillet, Anchorman 2 — Atlanta, GA

The Silver Skillet is a brunch spot in Atlanta that was prominently featured in the blockbuster hit Anchorman 2.

13. Criterion, The Dark Knight — Piccadilly, London, UK

In one scene in The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne tells his dinner guests that he owns the restaurant they are dining at and that restaurant is the Criterion restaurant in London, which has also made an appearance in Downton Abbey.

14. The Shed At Glenwood, The Blindside — Atlanta, GA

The Shed at Glenwood makes a cameo during Sandra Bullock's performance in The Blindside and can is an eclectic little bistro that deserves a visit next time you find yourself in ATL.

Images: Castlerock Entertainment; Giphy (13)