John & Becky Are Both In Danger On 'Big Brother'

Big Brother really kicks into high gear once evicted houseguests start filling up the Jury House, and this season is continuing that tradition. Last week's double eviction had fans say goodbye to Shelli and Jackie, in a series of surprising moves that very few people could have predicted just a couple of weeks ago. This week, Vanessa and Becky's beef continues to take center stage, and at first glance, it seems certain that Becky will be evicted from Big Brother come Thursday. The thing is, though, that we've now had two weeks of major flip flopping in the house; neither Clay nor Shelli started the week they were evicted as the target (Shelli and Vanessa, respectively, were the targets). When you throw in Steve's blindside as HOH, you can see why, "expect the unexpected" is the law of the land in the BB house. With that in mind, is it still possible for John to be evicted over Becky this week?

There are six people voting this week: Austin, Julia, Vanessa, Steve, Meg, and James. In the event of a tie, Liz would cast a vote to break it. Let's see where each houseguest stands to get a sense of how Thursday's live eviction might go.


Right now, Steve and John are working together sorta, but even sorta is better than nothing this week. On top of that, Steve doesn't really trust Becky and thinks she's coming after him. Steve is definitely voting to evict Becky.

Austin & Julia

Even though the Austwins are currently cooking up a plan to have Vanessa go home soon — during somebody else's HOH run, naturally — they still need Vanessa to think they're with her. They're going to vote however Vanessa wants them to vote.

Meg & James

As the only remaining members of the various alliances between Jason, Jeff, Jackie, James, and Meg, Meg and James are voting together this week, but they could go either way. Becky was a pseudo member of their alliance last week when she was HOH, but she was clearly at the bottom of the totem pole there. Meanwhile, John has started acting as if he's in their group and they need numbers. Where will their votes go? They'll probably do whatever the house wants to keep the target off their backs as long as they can.


Well, it's clear at this point that Vanessa is the deciding factor here. Austin and Julia will do whatever she wants, while Meg and James (and likely Steve as well) will want to vote with the house. That would seem easy, then, except that Vanessa is targeting both Becky and John. Becky put Vanessa on the block, but John and Vanessa have now had two intense interactions in the house, and he's made it clear that he's not as devoted to her as everyone else pretends to be. Plus, we know how emotional Vanessa gets when she feels threatened, so this could be decided as late as Thursday morning depending on her mood.

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Image: CBS