Why Do Becky & Vanessa Have Beef On 'Big Brother 17'? It Was A Long Time Coming

It's a great week to be a Big Brother fan with everything that's been unfolding! Ever since becoming HOH, Becky has been trying to evict Vanessa, and she's out for blood. Becky has made this clear to everyone in the house, giving them a whole host of reasons as to why she wants Vanessa out. To some, this might seem like a surprise: Becky is nice and unassuming, usually just blending in with the background and getting barely any TV screen time. What could she possibly have against Vanessa, who she's had very few interactions with over the last 50+ days in the house? As it turns out, the Big Brother beef between Becky and Vanessa was a long time coming.

To those who have been paying close attention, this was inevitable. Becky is a much stronger player than people were giving her credit for, and despite not being a BB superfan like Steve or Jason, she definitely paid attention when she watched all those hours of Big Brother leading up to her entering the house. As Season 16's winner, Derrick, says, being a floater is a strategy, whether the fans like it or not. Becky's floater game was on point, but that didn't make her a pushover player.

If we look at the evidence, it seems Becky's got plenty of reasons to send Vanessa packing.

Vanessa Put Becky On The Block

Although Becky technically volunteered to have Vanessa nominate her, she wasn't given much of a choice, and it was clear that she was probably going up regardless.

Becky Was A Pawn... Next To Clay

Before Jason was even put on the block as the replacement nominee, Becky seemed most upset about the fact that she was put up as a pawn against Clay. Her primary concern, of course, was that Clay had way more friends in the house, but then he went and won his first (and only) competition of the season, pulling himself off. Not a good spot to be in.

Vanessa's Shady

As much as Vanessa says she hates liars and is true to her word, that's simply not the case. Becky has been telling everyone in the house this week that Vanessa's word means nothing, and it's with good reason.

Vanessa Made Becky Super Paranoid

For the first few weeks in the BB house, one of Vanessa's strategies was to feed information to each houseguest and make it seem as if she was doing it to help them out, with no obvious advantage to her own game. This is one of the reasons Becky gave James, Jackie, and Meg for making Vanessa the target rather than Shelli. We'll see if it pans out for her in the end.

If Vanessa gets evicted tonight, Becky will definitely be happy. HoHs have sent houseguests home for far less than what Becky's got on Vanessa.

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Image: CBS