Will Austin Betray Vanessa On ‘Big Brother' 17?

It’s finally that time of year, when Big Brother gets super manipulative and calculating that it becomes really hard to keep track of who is playing whom. Miss an episode of Big Brother at this point in the summer, and it will take an entire hour just to read through the live feeds. And, with all of the houseguests’ strategies constantly changing these days, I have to wonder how long some of the strongest alliances in the house will last. Like Austin and Vanessa — will these two make it until the final two this season, or will Austin betray Vanessa the first chance he gets?

Think about it: Austin’s game is in an interesting place right now. At the beginning of the season, I would have never thought that he would play for love in this game, but over the weeks, his allegiance to Liz has totally solidified. Even though I initially may have thought that he and Vanessa would be able to make it all the way to the final two, his loyalties have taken a major turn away from his original ally. Instead of being focused on winning the game for himself, he is focused on winning the game for Liz (and for their time in the jury house together). That means that his alliances to all other players — including Vanessa — is shallow in comparison.

Not to mention the fact that Austin has already betrayed Vanessa before. Like, that time he threw the veto competition and let Johnny Mac win? That move forced Vanessa to get some serious blood on her hands, but Austin was 100 percent willing to betray her in that moment. He was also willing to throw the entire Sixth Sense alliance into upheaval by telling Jason about Julia.

So yeah — he’s betrayed Vanessa before. What's stopping him from doing it again?

But maybe the biggest indication that a betrayal of Vanessa is on the horizon for Austin is that he and the twins have been explicitly planning for it over the past few days in the house. Recent strategy talks have been circling the Vanessa drain, and it seems pretty obvious that he wants to go after John this week and then Vanessa the next when someone else is in power. Because he can’t do it openly while Liz is HoH this week. No, he needs to find someone else to do the dirty work for him. But, isn’t that just as big of a betrayal as doing it himself?

Whether it’s by his hand or someone else’s, Austin doesn’t seem too broken up over the idea of betraying Vanessa. Word of advice to her: Watch out, because it seems Austin is not to be trusted.

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Image: CBS (3)