And The Next Bachelor Is...

It feels like forever since we learned that Shawn and Kaitlyn were the end-all, be-all couple on The Bachelorette (and that's probably because she spoiled it on Snapchat). But ever since Kaitlyn and Shawn declared their love — publicly — it's been a waiting game of when ABC will announce who the next Bachelor will be. For many of us, we've already got one man in mind. But until Chris Harrison introduces you-know-who as the next star of The Bachelor, we wait. But not for long, as it was announced that we will learn who the next Bachelor is on After Paradise , following Monday's Bachelor in Paradise episode. So get ready, because one of the seriously eligible men from Kaitlyn's season is about to be taken off the market (for now.)

The waiting is almost over, which is a good and a bad thing. That means that we — collectively, as a society — have only a short time to find whoever is going to be the new Bachelor (Ben H.) and convince that guy (Ben H.) that we love him (Ben H.) and he loves us (Ben H.) and he doesn't need to find love on The Bachelor. (Ben H.) And while I might be a little biased, there are actually a few contenders that are seriously in the running for the next Bachelor, all of which would be great picks (even though they're not Ben H.).

Here are the men in the running for the lofty title of the Bachelor.

Ben H.

Ben H. is clearly the front runner, and possibly already confirmed (according to E Online). He'd be ~amazing~ at the job, but the only issue I would have would be having to sit through an entire season of watching him fall in love with someone that's not me. Ugh.

Nick Viall

While Nick options his "First Is The Worst, Second Is The Best," autobiography (that I just made up, but am not against buying on iBooks), Nick will need something to fill his time. I wouldn't put it past him to sweet talk his way into the lead position this time around, since there are only so many times this guy can be put in the corner.

Chris Cupcake

Chris Cupcake would be the sweet guy that the show needs. Chris Soules gave "Chris" a bad name on The Bachelor for being so incredibly boring. We need a sweet-as-a-cupcake guy to come and show us what a real Bachelor star can be like.

Ben Z.

Ahh, the Battle of the Bens. Even though I would not be complaining about watching Ben Z. take the helm of this Bachelor ship for a season, I think he's probably at the bottom of the serious contenders, purely because of his competition. Sorry, man.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC (4); Clodagh Kilcoyne/ABC