Can Becky Save Her 'BB17' Game?

It’s finally come down to this: Becky and John are both nominated for Big Brother eviction this week, and it’s likely that one member of their flirtatious twosome is definitely going home. But, as the houseguests go back and forth about who would be the best houseguest to send home, I have to wonder: Who's most likely to go? And, is there any way for Becky to save her game before eviction night?

It would undoubtedly be tough to do. John is a zero threat to pretty much everyone in the house and has made many friends during his time there, so that's not working in Becky's favor — then there’s also that whole, “everyone is onto Becky” thing that’s been happening in recent days. You know, like the fact that she was feeding Clay and Shelli information, targeting James when she had the ear of whomever was in power, and creating alliances that purposely went against the people she said she was aligned with. Basically, people are starting to see her as the two-faced player that she is, and are less likely to trust her and keep her around because of it.

So, will there be any coming back from that for Becky?

There might be a chance. I mean, it’s Big Brother. There’s always a chance for weird things to happen. Expect the unexpected, right?

But, what could she do to make sure that her likelihood of sticking around is greater than John’s? Well, first of all, more of what she’s already been doing since her nomination. Like, giving up good information to the people who matter: She told Austin about how there was a plan to throw the Battle of the Block when it was James and Liz against Clay and Becky and that Vanessa knew about it. Remember that fun moment earlier this summer? Guess how happy Austin was about the fact that Vanessa was behind trying to send Liz home? If you guessed “not very” then you would be right.

By convincing everyone that Vanessa is the person in the house to target — and that she, Becky, should be kept around in order to do it — might just be the thing to secure her spot in the house. In other words, she needs to keep talking about how manipulative Vanessa has been throughout the game to distract the other houseguests from what a threat she herself poses.

Now... if she could just do the same thing with John, she might just be in good standing.

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