8 Signs It's Way Too Cold In Your Office

The first time I worked in a big office with lots of people, someone told me to leave a blanket or a good jacket at my desk at all times. I thought they were just overreacting, but I soon realized that there is a big difference between working someplace that maintains a cool room temperature, and working at an office that is way too cold. Like, we're talking serious “I can’t even get my work done it’s freezing in here” kind of cold. Anyone who has lived through this struggle can back me up — it was miserable.

It wasn’t like this was the first time I’d ever worked in an office before, either. But my past experiences with offices usually involved smaller spaces, which meant it was easier to regulate the thermostat. I was kind of confused at first when I saw so many of my co-workers rocking blankets and big jackets at the office, even in the summer… until I was sitting at my desk and shivering.

Do you find yourself at your desk wishing for a Snuggie, even though it's the middle of August? Do you wonder how you managed to wind up at the North Pole, when you thought you were just going to work this morning? No, you aren't going crazy. Here are eight signs that it's actually way too cold in your office.

1. You are literally shivering

When I worked in that big office, there were days when I’d be typing away on my computer, and realize that my teeth were chattering. Seriously, if it’s so chilly in your office that you start to shiver, it is too darn cold.

2. The only way you can get work done is if you're wrapped in a blanket

I admit that I giggled a little to myself when I noticed people had actual blankets at their desks, but when I started shivering too hard to giggle, I realized blankets were as necessary as air. Some days, the only way you could get anything done was to snuggle down with your fleece.

3. You’d rather sit in 100 degree heat than be in your freezing office

It seems like offices are always colder when it’s super hot outside, but after a while, you’d rather be sweating than freezing. More than a few times, I dragged my laptop outside to work, because anything was better than the cold — even the dry Los Angeles heat.

4. Your drink is cold even without ice

You know your office is seriously cold if your iced coffee stays cold long after the ice cubes are gone. For real, someone needs to check the thermostat before you all freeze to death.

5. It’s the middle of summer, and you’re sniffling

Having the AC on all the time actually can cause health problems, which is probably why you’re constantly having to blow your running nose, even though it's the middle of summer — not cold season.

6. Even people who are always hot start to complain about the temperature

Typically, guys tend to run warmer than women (though I know a few super warm ladies, too), and you can always tell if your office is getting a bit too cold if they start to say something.

7. You keep a sweater with you at your desk at all times

It's the only way you can fight these freezing temperatures.

8. Being cold is all you and your co-workers can ever talk about

You probably have better things to discuss right now, but brain freeze is a very real, very literal struggle, and you're so cold you can't remember what else you're supposed to be doing.

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