Shay Mitchell's Shoe Closet Is Bananas

It's hard to compare anyone's closet to Khloe Kardashian's, but I think there's officially one star who's giving Khloe a run for her money. Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell shared her closet with The Coveteur, and it's predictably insane. The star has a great sense of style, so it's no wonder that translates in her West Hollywood home and her closet full of clothes and trinkets from her travels.

Like Khloe, Shay has an entire closet dedicated to fitness gear, which is no surprise. She has a line of fitness and leisurewear with Kohls called Fit to Wander, which fits perfectly with the actress' personality. She admits she has a major case of wanderlust, and loves discovering new destinations and hotels.

"I just have fun scrolling and seeing what my friends are getting up to, where they’re traveling to," she said in the interview. "I think the majority of Instagram for me is travel."

Although she's busy with Pretty Little Liars and working on her collection, Shay somehow still has time for extracurriculars. She wrote a book called Bliss with her best friend Michaela Blaney, hits the gym or hikes around her home in LA on the reg.

The PLL star clearly has a full life, so here are five surprising things we learned about her in the interview with The Coveteur.

1. The first pair of designer shoes she bought were Christian Louboutins

Shay's first big-girl purchase was a pair of vintage Louboutin slingbacks, and she was in for a surprise when she wore them. "I was so excited when I got them, and I was so upset when I wore them for one night and the whole bottom was ruined," she said.

She later got the shoes resoled with red rubber, which helps them last longer.

2. Shay's favorite exercise is boxing

The actress hits up boxing lessons regularly, and even has her own pair of personalized gold boxing gloves. "You see progress every single time you go in, and that for me is encouraging and makes me want to continue to go back," she says.

3. She's all about the positive affirmations

Shay loves positive affirmations, which is totally clear from her Instagram account. She wanted to include that in her Fit to Wander line, so she had some sewn into certain pieces of clothing in the line. Sports bras and other pieces have lines like "‘strong women lift others up," and "travel, explore, create."

4. She loves to wear leggings

Her favorite item from the Fit to Wander line are the black tights, which she designed to be worn for any occasion. Though she usually wears them to travel, she recognizes another useful purpose. "I have a pair of black tights in my line that again you can fold up if you’ve had a big meal," she says. Music to my ears.

5. She has her travel routine down to a science

Shay is always traveling, which means she needs to prepare her body for the inevitable dehydration airplane air can bring. She never wears makeup on planes, because it always leads to the inevitable blemish. She's also a stickler about hydration. "I am the person sitting next to you with a sheet mask on, the ones you fold out," she said. "I’ve scared a couple people in my past travel. I put that on because you get so dehydrated on the plane."

Shay clearly jam packs her days with activities, so it's interesting to hear the simple ways the star makes her life run more smoothly.