You Can Now Shop Everything Uniqlo x Disney

No matter what age you are, it's difficult to deny the pleasure that is watching your favorite animated movies over and over. Uniqlo's latest collab with Disney launched Tuesday, and it's obvious that the brand is acknowledging the childlike essence in all of us. From Olaf sweatshirts to a Mickey Mouse pizza t-shirt, this collection is extensive. The line includes pieces for men, women, children, and even a full range of pajamas and slippers.

According to Racked, Uniqlo has been collaborating with Disney since 2009, but this most recent partnership comes with a few special surprises. Besides blessing us with adorable, limited-edition plush Mickey Mouse stuffed animals, there's also an entire concept store based around the collab launching late September — in Shanghai. If you're a Disney lover, you might just have to make your way out to China to bask in all its animated glory.

"Our collaboration with the Disney Products Company is not simply about products; it is about a positive and joyful expression whenever you enter the world of Disney," company executive John Jay said in a press release. "The new advertising campaign shows how there is a Mickey or a Minnie in all of us, no matter our age or position in life."

Mickey Mouse Toys, $24.90;

True to Uniqlo fashion, everything in the collab is reasonably priced, falling between $20 and $35. It may not be as lust-worthy as the Lemaire knitwear collection, but one thing's for sure: nothing makes you feel more nostalgic than a Little Mermaid sweatshirt.

Here are a few gems from the line.

Disney Princess Graphic T-Shirt, $19.90;

Tinkerbell Graphic T-Shirt, $19.90;

Star Wars Sweatshirt, $34.90;

Alice in Wonderland 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt, $19.90;

Mickey Long Sleeve Blouse; $29.90;

Elsa 'Frozen' Sweatshirt, $34.90;

Now, excuse me while I go binge watch all the movies from my childhood.

Images: Uniqlo (8)