It's Time To Revive This '90s Slang

The N.W.A. origin film Straight Outta Compton did more than revive the era when the groundbreaking rap group was on top. It also took audiences back to 1995 when original N.W.A. member Ice Cube and comedian Chris Tucker spent one eventful Friday on screen. In fact, there are a lot of connections between the two films: Both were directed by F. Gary Gray; Ice Cube wrote the screenplay for Friday and executive produced his group's biopic. But I'm talking about an incredible allusion in the newer movie's script. Yes, Friday's most famous line, the incredible brush-off of "Bye, Felicia," made it into Straight Outta Compton . If you weren't among the huge audiences that helped the movie win the weekend's box office, can you watch Straight Outta Compton 's "Bye, Felicia' scene online?

Unfortunately, not yet. The scene hasn't been officially uploaded anywhere. But the reference, made by a young Ice Cube to a woman at a party, stirred up a ton of conversation online. Many wondered if the scene portrayed the moment the phrase actually came into being, but that theory has been shot down by Ice Cube himself. Reportedly, it was O'Shea Jackson, who plays his own father in the film, who improvised the line as a nod to his dad's contribution to the canon of internet memes. And according to this interview with HitFix, Ice Cube doesn't feel the line ever needs to make its way to the slang graveyard.

In fact, 2015 speech could use more of an infusion of slang from the '90s. Here are seven more phrases from that great decade to jazz up your vocabulary. Why not try using one in a sentence today?

1. Your New Gym Mantra

Need to squeeze out one more set? Steal some fitspiration from the 1996 movie The Nutty Professor and the weight room is your kingdom.

2. The Ultimate Take-Down

The Sandlot is full of linguistic gems. (And yes, it counts as '90s slang, even though it took place way before.) But Squints's loser-assessment is my favorite, because it's got a corresponding hand motion.

3. For When Everyone Gets Tired Of "Squad"

You know you think it every time someone asks you what you're doing this weekend. You may as well just say it and make all of our lives better in the process.

4. If You Ever Find Yourself In The Presence Of Beyonce

It's the only option when faced with perfection. Other examples of stunners who get this praise include the Broad City girls, Harry Styles, and Emma Watson. Paul Rudd can squeeze in there too.

5. When Someone Tries To Shame You For What You Eat

Eyes on your own plate, buddy. I eat what I want.

6. Anytime Unnecessary Worries Threaten Your Peace Of Mind

Every day is Rex Manning Day. So brush off the drama Empire Records-style and don't dwell on things you can't change.

7. Dealer's Choice

This is a Hanson wild card. Do with it what you will.

The '90s have so much more to offer. But the cinematic return of "Bye, Felicia" is a terrific start.

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