Summer Bra Struggles You Know Too Well, If Your Boobs Aren't Emotionally Dead Inside By Now — VIDEO

Wearing a bra in the summer is a challenge, and finally we have a video to detail our VERY REAL summer bra struggles. BuzzFeed decided they need to illustrate the absolute f*%king heartache that comes with wearing a bra in the summer. Summertime bras absorb sweat and stick to your boobs in the most uncomfortable way possible, and it's physically impossible to readjust in public without displaying your boobs to the world. Underwire is somehow a mechanism that keeps the sweat and city grease in. And there is nothing worse than taking off your bra at the end of the day and realizing it is still soaked through with sweat.

There are, of course, perfect bra alternatives in the summer that I am, personally, forever grateful for. Bralettes and bandeaus save my life in the summer repeatedly, as do good ol' camisoles. Even if you have big boobs, the right dress is doable braless — as long as you have the right amount of conviction, and the proper dress cut. I am very fortunate to not have to deal with sunburn struggles too often, but I can absolutely imagine that it would be the worst feeling in the world to put a bra on post-sunburn. Here are three summer bra struggles we all know too well:

Straight Up Malfunctions


I mean I've never had my bra just fall right off, but I suppose it could happen...

Bikini Top Problems


Because no one loves walking around with half the pool on their shirt.

White Shirt Drama


And let's not forget about the white pants drama we all experience. #TheStruggle. Watch the full video (it's a foolproof way to relive summer 2015):

Boldly on YouTube

Stay cool, and lightly tan out there, guys.

Images: YouTube