How To NOT Wear A Bra When You Have Large Boobs

If you wear bras, you know the feeling of relief you get at the end of the day when you finally go braless. That instant gratification of being without a boob holder is what I feel almost all of the time, since I'm someone who doesn't wear bras unless I'm working out or I want to feel extra supported. If you have ever wondered if women with big boobs don't wear bras, yes, we are out there.

At the start of an article like this, you're probably asking yourself why I would choose to go braless, especially when others can clearly see my boobs. I personally find bras to be uncomfortable and cumbersome; how does anyone like the feeling of a tight boob holder around their chest? Of course, I understand that some like the look and feel of wearing a bra, and I've got no judgement towards those who do. You should do you, girl!

However, there seems to be this idea that the only people who can "get away" with going braless are those with small breasts, since you can't really see much anyhow in a shirt. But the fact is that anyone can choose to not wear a bra and it's a perfectly legitimate choice.

Before you start saying how wearing bras prevents your breasts from sagging, research has actually shown that wearing a bra can cause sagging, as this 15-year study found. So if it's sagging you're concerned about, you'll actually want to start going braless. Not to mention that most people don't even really like to wear bras, as one study found that most women who wore bras did so for social acceptance.

Since breasts on women are often perceived as purely sexual parts of the body, they've managed to be placed into the same category as genitalia as far as taboos go. As you probably know, in many places it's still illegal for women to be topless in public and even when it's allowed, it's not something widely practiced or accepted. This is probably the real reason bras are worn so much — they're basically a modesty tool, hiding the shape of your breasts and your nipples.

I, however, think all of that is worth talking back to. I am not afraid to walk around without a bra while having large boobs, even if people may notice. And there are plenty of ways to not wear a bra so that it's not even apparent to observers, in situations where you may not want others to be noticing your lack of bralessness, like a job interview. Keeping all of that in mind, here's how to not wear a bra when you have large boobs.

1. Wear Layers

This is one of my favorite tricks of all when I want to go without a bra but don't want to draw attention to myself. Wearing layers is a very easy and foolproof way to make sure that no one will be able to tell the difference between you wearing a bra and you not wearing a bra. You can really layer with anything, but jackets, big scarves, and undershirts are easy ways to do this.

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Of course, this can be hard in the summer when it's really hot out; and in this situation, I might wear a sleeveless vest or two crop tops layered over each other.

2. Take Advantage Of Cupped Tops And Dresses

Many shirts and dresses come designed with bra cups or stitching that doesn't allow for a bra, which says to the average person, "This garment doesn't accommodate a bra so I'm not wearing one."

This is a great option if you also don't want to wear a lot of layers, but still have some sort of bra-like appearance built into your top. Just make sure your boobs actually fit into the predesigned cups, since there's nothing worse than dealing with tight stitching.

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3. Rock Tops And Dresses With Slips Or Built-In Linings

I've always found that when I wear a dress with a slip, or even better, a lining that's built in, no one can tell whether I am wearing a bra or not because the lining prevents them from really seeing the shape of my body.

Definitely give this a try if you're looking for an easy way to go braless that isn't visible to others.

4. Wear Crop Tops

Many crop tops are designed to be worn braless or would look extremely awkward with a bra. So, no one will judge you if you wear one without a bra. Seriously, they won't.

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5. Wear Camisoles

If you're cold or just want a bit more coverage, try wearing a camisole or thin tank top underneath your clothing instead of a bra. This is usually a lot more comfortable, but still gives you good coverage.

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6. Try Bralettes On For Size

Bralettes are a great happy medium between wearing a bra and wearing a camisole, since they give you support, but are much thinner and more comfortable than your regular, everyday bra.

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If you are plus-size and worried about finding a bralette in your size, check out this roundup of plus-size bralettes you can scour.

7. Wear A Lot Of Sweaters

I find that because sweaters, at least those of decent quality, are made of thick material, you can't really see the boobage that's underneath them. Try just wearing a sweater in the winter time and see if you feel any different sans bra... I guarantee you'll be more comfortable!

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8. Just Don't Care

Of course, not wearing a bra when you have large breasts doesn't mean you have to hide it! If you don't care who sees your boobs, rock whatever kind of top you want. Do you, girl. Do you.

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