8 Reasons The Beast From 'Beauty And The Beast' Was The Best Prince Of Them All

If you were to ask me what my all-time favorite movie is, without hesitation, I’d tell you that it’s Beauty and the Beast. And that's not just because I'm still a kindergartner at heart. It's because it's good. Sure, I love it because I connected with the more reserved Belle on a level that I never connected with the other, zanier, more impulsive princesses. But another huge contribution to my love of the movie was the fact that The Beast is my favorite Disney prince. I know what you’re thinking: “But he held her prisoner!” Which is unfortunately true. But, once you get past that concerning plot point, you see that he’s actually more heroic than any of the other princes who held otherwise pristine images.

The Beast, while being the least physically realistic of all the princes, is, in fact, the most real. He has flaws. He gets angry. He’s unsure of himself. He’s proud. He’s emotional. He’s human under all that fur. I don’t know one person who isn’t any of those things, actually. But those attributes, the ones we all possess but would rather not admit to, is what elevates him to the top of the Disney prince pack. The Beast has to work for his status as Belle’s significant other. He has to show her that he can and wants to change into a better, self-actualized person.

Here are all the reasons why The Beast is the best.

1. He Had The Greatest Character Development

Unlike most Disney movies, where the men were supposed to be *perfect* (looking at you, Prince Charming), Beauty and the Beast was finally also critical of the male counterpart in the relationship. And the movie showed that, despite his many flaws, he could be redeemed. Though not without making some major attitude and life adjustments.

2. Human Beast Was H-O-T

I mean...

3. He Had Humility

I guess you could say that this was due, in part, to the Witch's curse, but it's clear that he saw Belle as being "out of his league" not only because of her beauty, but because of her wit, intelligence, and kindness. Beautiful is a word that encompasses many different attributes, just as he was initially "beastly" in spirit even before he was cursed.

4. He Encouraged Belle's Education

Unlike the rest of the close-minded townspeople who saw her ambition and love of reading as "peculiar."

5. He Was A Gentle Giant

...Once he let his guard down.

6. He Was Willing To Try New Things

Dare I say, throughout the course of the movie, he actually becomes one of Disney's most progressive male characters? I do.

7. He Saw The Error Of His Ways

It takes a big person to admit that they were wrong. Relinquishing that whole Belle-as-his-prisoner thing (yikes) so she could save the father that he initially imprisoned is kind of the ultimate proof of that. ...In a really messed up way.

8. He Repented

Belle "learned to love a beast" because he wasn't a beast, anymore. Not in spirit, at least. Which, ultimately, saved him from a hairy, dismal end.

So, you see, The Beast is the best. No contest.

Images: Disney; Giphy (6)' Nicole Rey/YouTube; Disney Blu Ray 411/YouTube