'Bachelor in Paradise' Competitors Earn Serious $$

by Kayla Hawkins

The regular Bachelor series might be where Bachelor in Paradise gets its cast members, but the similarities between the two ABC shows pretty much end there. For example, the cast of Bachelor and Bachelorette don't get compensated for their time, while the Bachelor in Paradise cast get paid, reportedly, for their appearances on the show. (Bustle reached out for comment from ABC, but hasn't heard back at this time.) I'm sure there are a few reasons for that alleged difference. First of all, Bachelor in Paradise is primarily for veterans and alumni of the show. They're picked because the producers already know that they'll be willing to stick around and make for great television, so there's very little risk when casting that they'll end up with a cold fish on the show.

And, Bachelor in Paradise is designed to be like a vacation, with no "prize" at the end, unless the couple gets engaged and chooses to return and get married for another paycheck on the next season (like Marcus & Lacy probably were paid to do). So, it wouldn't be surprising for BiP to provide an incentive that makes the cast want to stay. If they're eliminated right away, they are still reportedly paid, so no worries for them: if it's true, someone like Jillian or Jonathan didn't walk away completely empty handed. That might explain why unless someone is really screwed over, they don't seem to get that upset about being kicked out of Paradise. Or even kick themselves out of Paradise.

But according to Reality Steve, whose sources have the scoop on BiP 's reported paychecks, the contestants might be given a premium for the more time they're able to stick around. In an online Q&A with his spoiler-hungry fans, Steve theorized that the BiP competitors made a pretty solid lump sum. He wrote, "from what I’m hearing, the range was anywhere from about $7,000-$15,000 total. Not everyone made the same amount." This likely means that if the contestants did truly get paid, bonuses must have been available.

That puts some perspective into some of the crazy things that people have done in order to make sure they lasted another week on the show, and some of the flamboyant ways they've left the show once they lost interest. Whether they desperately wanted the extra money or just wanted to cash their checks and relax while the rest of the cast scurries around in front of the camera, the Bachelor in Paradise contestants might've done whatever it took to ensure it. In the same Q&A, Steve claimed that "I know they all got a flat rate to come on. Some might’ve got an additional stipend per episode, but I’m not sure." So that could mean that the bonus only applies if someone is willing to really turn things up on Bachelor in Paradise and cause some drama. For example, I'd bet that Joe Bailey's drama-filled planning had the production writing checks... though he may have lost out on some potential earnings by being so obvious about his evil plans.

So it turns out while everyone is throwing around accusations about contestants on Bachelor in Paradise not being there to find love, it's possible that all of them aren't just there to find love — they also could be there to get paid! I think after the hours of summer enjoyment Bachelor in Paradise has brought me, the contestants more than deserve a few thousand dollars for their efforts. But that might help explain why the show is more known for its drama than for its successful relationships.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; Giphy; Yahoo Entertainment/Tumblr