How To Make GIFs Of Yourself And Your Friends

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING, FELLOW MILLENNIALS. If you thought your selfie game was already on point, the things you can do with the GIPHY's new GIPHY CAM app are going to blow your past self out of the water. Gone are the days when you didn't believe in magic — now that you can turn yourself into a GIF, you can basically out-wizard Harry Potter himself. Did "The Boy Who Lived" ever send a GIF of himself getting his swag on with cartoon money raining down on him in a group text? THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT.

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you about this app I just spent half my workday (whoops) getting hypnotized by. You (hopefully) already know GIPHY as the GIF overlord of the internet, there for you in the times you need that one Liz Lemon "WHERE'S MY MAC AND CHEESE?!?!" GIF most (aka, all the time). But rather than just let you pore through the best GIFs the internet offers, GIPHY is now giving you the power to be one of those GIF-making heroes yourself. With the new app you can film short snippets of your squad, of yourself, of your dog, of someone else's dog, of your imaginary friend — and because there is no limit to your power now, you can animate those GIFs, add filters, and add backgrounds to ~jazz~ them up to your highly sophisticated GIFing standards.

The GIF-making process is so easy that even a total technological gallumph can manage it (hi). Here's the basic process:

Pick A Filter, Overlay, Or Cartoon

There are 40 different filter options for the way this GIF can go down, so make sure you choose wisely when you're ~feeling your look~.

Record Your Shenanigans

You've got several options on how to record: If you hold the record button down, the GIF records in real time for however long you press on the button. If you want the GIF to be in bursts and strobe like your own personal comic strip, tap it once and tap it again to finish.


You can save all your GIFs to your camera roll, or send them to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or in a text. You can send them into infinity. This is the end of text-based conversation. FROM NOW ON, ONLY GIFS.

Because my coworkers secretly want me to get up in their business with a camera all day erry day, I took it upon myself to demonstrate the radness of this app by making them my SURPRISE test subjects all around the office today. Here are a few real life situations you will find yourself needing a GIF, but never fear, these gals are here to save the day:

When Alexander Skarsgard Spontaneously Proposes Marriage In The Office

It could happen. We should all be prepared.

When You Wake Up From A Nightmare About A Bagel Apocalypse In New York

What are we supposed to eat now, ORDINARY BREAD?!?!?!

When You Remember The Pumpkin Spice Latte Is On Its Way

No, YOU calm down about an anthropomorphized hot beverage.

When You're Getting Your Inner Taylor Swift On

Meredith and Olivia have nothing on us now.

When You Realize Tomorrow Is Pay Day And You're Gettin' Direct Deposit

More money is more cheese is more love <3.

When Your Top Knot Game Is Strong And Your Glitter Game Is Stronger

All hail the Mighty Top Knot. It is our god now.

When You Are Just Too Baller For The World And Everyone Needs To Get On Your Level Immediately

We are all so hashtag blessed.

So go forth, fellow humans of the internet. Download the GIPHY CAM app and go follow your selfie GIF bliss. You owe it to yourself, to your friends, nay — you owe it to the entire internet. Just remember: With great GIFing comes great responsibility. (Just kidding, it comes with dancing cats.) HAVE FUN.

Images: Pexels; Giphy