Amy Poehler & Jon Hamm's Emmy Losers Party Sounds Like It Could Have Been The Rager Of The Year

The Emmy Awards are only a few weeks away, and the excitement is mounting. Variety is cranking up its coverage, and on Wednesday, they printed a conversation between Parks and Rec's Mike Schur and 30 Rock/Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's Robert Carlock. While they discussed their respective shows' history with the Emmys, Schur brought out the injustice of Amy Poehler's prominent lack of Emmy Awards — which, as many know, is a travesty. However, it seems the frustrating unfairness has yielded something good, though: Apparently, Amy Poehler and Jon Hamm once threw an Emmys party for those who were... well, Emmy losers.

"She and Jon Hamm did this thing a couple years ago — they had an Emmy Losers party that they announced before the Emmys because they were so sure they would lose. You could only come if you lost," Schur said, "If you won you had to leave your Emmy at the door with a security guard and make a donation to Worldwide Orphans. Julia [Louis-Dreyfus] went and had to make a huge donation to this charity because she’d won. Amy and Jon together are something like 0 for 32."

This party is the stuff that dreams are made of: celebrating the underdogs, an incredible cause, and when you get Poehler, Hamm, and all those incredible people in a room together, it is probably the most magical thing in the world. Here is what the party must have been like:

Tina Fey Singing "Empire State of Mind"

She's won many times, but there's no way she would have missed one of Poehler's parties. Checking her Emmys at the door, I imagine that Fey goes straight to the jukebox and sings the Jay Z/Alicia Keys hit she knows so well.

The Parks and Rec Cast Getting Drunk On Snake Juice

They are the most gracious losers, and have been deserving of the award for years. Together they'd get drunk (on Snake Juice, of course) to both party and commiserate.

Steve Carrell Making Noise

Another one of the most prominent Emmy injustices is the fact that Steve Carrell never got a statue for playing Michael Scott on The Office. It is a legendary performance that, in lesser hands, could have resulted in a different show. Carrell would have been toasted at this party, and allowed to vent his frustration.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Dancing To Be Humble

She won at the Emmys, but would have suffered FOMO if she didn't get to party with her friends. I imagine Louis-Dreyfus tried to stay as cool and humble as possible, so no one would call her out on the fact that she had broken the record for most Emmys for a single actress.

The Cast and Crew Of The Wire Finally Feeling The Love

The Wire is widely known to be the best television drama of all time, but did not win the Emmy during its run. This would not have gone ignored at this party, though!

Courteney Cox Getting The Attention She Deserves

woolm on YouTube

Cox was the only "friend" of Friends who was never nominated, so, y'know, she deserves it. Like, there should be parties for the particular purpose of giving her the love she deserves.

Honestly, even if the party didn't exactly go this way, I'm sure it was amazing. Like, Poehler and Hamm should host this party and fundraiser every year. And they should invite me, because I haven't won an Emmy either.

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