These SJP Shoes Make Her Want To Design More

Sarah Jessica Parker's uber succesful shoe line, the SJP Collection, has had more than its fair share of popular shoes but the most popular may have been discovered. According to Footwear News, the Sarah Jessica Parker Collection Tartt Mary Jane sold out on Neiman Marcus in under two hours. Incredible!

While not being able to get your hands on the shoe may seem like an issue, let's give praise to a style whose popularity has made SJP more excited to keep creating more pretty shoes. Especially since the footwear has only excelled since its inception, and the world needs more! After all, the SJP Collection has already made its way into both Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus, making its popularity official.

So what is it exactly about the Tartt Mary Jane that makes it so special? I've got my bets placed on its classic style, sparkling color, and glamorous chic vibe. It seems like others agree, too! The shoe was originally sold over at Zappos Couture where it sold out in five hours two weeks ago. Once it was relaunched over at Neiman Marcus though, the demand had seemed to increase as the style had an under two hour sellout!

Parker seems overjoyed at the news of the sellouts and even explains that the uber popularity has made she and her team even more excited to work with retailers. Parker says, “This sort of success only makes us want to stay focused on what we love, what excites us, and to do our best to get these ideas to our retail partners. And then, of course, we wait and see.” Any shoe that inspires a designer as talented as SJP to create more makes me insanely happy, even if I'm having a hard time purchasing the shoe in question!

While the Tartt Mary Jane may be SJP most popular shoe of the moment, it's really not the only one worth of a sellout. The collection has more amazing styles to offer until the shoe comes back in stock.

1. Fawn '100' Pump ($350)

Talk about a pop of color!

2. 'Carrie' T-Strap Pump ($375)

Classic style meets modern detail.

3. 'Tiana' Classic Wedge Sandal ($395)

SJP has the perfect summer wedge!

4. 'Gelsey' Napa Leather Skimmer Flat ($285)

Cute and casual is covered with this great style!

5. 'Zofia' Sandal ($365)

If you're looking for a sexy sandal, look no further!

Images: SJP Collection/Instagram (2); Images courtesy of brands