How Do You Kegel? Comedic 'Slow Learners' Clip Will Teach You This Tip For Better Sex — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

When The Mindy Project was cancelled (and before it was set to have a final, online-only season) I was thoroughly depressed at the prospect of losing some of my favorite characters, and one character in particular. Played by actor Adam Pally, Mindy Project 's Peter Prentice is a quirky and unlucky in love doctor. With Pally's latest role in Slow Learners, it appears the actor is once again taking on a character that could learn a few things about the birds and the bees. The film co-stars Sarah Burns, Megan Neuringer, Veep 's Reid Scott, Saturday Night Live's Bobby Moynihan, and The Office's Kate Flannery.

Slow Learners follows Jeff and Anne, two co-workers and good buddies who work at a suburban high school. They are both unlucky at love and aspire to be casanovas of the dating world. To conquer this desire, they hatch a plan to transform themselves into wanted individuals by means of a sex-and-alcohol-fueled summer. But their attempt at becoming cool comes with a price.

In this exclusive clip from the film, we see our female protagonist learning about the art of kegeling.

Watch the exclusive clip below, and see Slow Learners in theaters and on VOD now.

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Image: IFC