Ed & Taylor Are The Cutest Best Friends Ever

by Nicole Pomarico

As someone who spends plenty of her free time trying to scheme her way into Taylor Swift's girl squad, there's still no friendship better than the one Swift and Ed Sheeran share. Don't get me wrong — I'd love to hang out with Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne, but nothing compares to the past several years that Swift and her right-hand ginger friend have conquered together. They seem to exist on this plane that very few male/female friendships ever manage to make it to — platonic and only wishing the best for each other. Wouldn't it be awesome if that could work out more often in real life? Swift and Sheeran are the cutest best friends on the planet, and I have plenty of proof.

Their friendship began when they were introduced by Sheeran's manager, and once they set off on Swift's 2013 Red Tour together, they became official BFFs. As two ultra creative and super talented people, they have a lot in common: Music, cats, hugging people. And after seeing them in action for the past three years, it's hard to deny that their bond is adorable. Obviously, I'd love to be friends with Swift and Sheeran separately, but together? My brain would explode from all the joy (and jam-making).

Here are some of Swift and Sheeran's most precious friendship moments. If this doesn't have you wishing you could join and make it a trio, I don't know what will.

1. When Swift Made Sheeran Jam

Swift is basically a domestic goddess, so I'm not surprised she knows how to make jam (whereas most of us just grab a jar at the grocery store). And clearly, the label she put on the jar is everything.

2. When Sheeran Bonded With Swift's Cat

If you follow Swift's Instagram, you know that Meredith is not easy to win over. But she seems to like Sheeran enough, which means she trusts her mom's taste in people.

3. When Sheeran Bought Red The Day It Came Out

Supportive friend or what? I bet he could've gotten the album for free if he wanted.

4. The "Everything Has Changed" Music Video

Everything, from the tiny kid versions of Swift and Sheeran, and their amazing capacity to work together as musicians, about this music video makes it the best four minutes and 11 seconds ever.

5. And The Entire Red Tour

I may or may not have seen three separate Red tour shows, and they're exactly what made me fall in love with Sheeran. And seeing them perform "Everything Has Changed" together was the best... and so was the last night of the tour, when Sheeran surprised Swift on stage in a clown costume.

6. When They Drank Tea Together

And the caption is the best.

7. When Sheeran Refused To Celebrate America On July 4th

OK, how cute is this? It's also pretty comical, considering how seriously Swift takes Independence Day every year.

8. When Swift Supported Sheeran On Saturday Night Live

When Sheeran was the musical guest on SNL last year, Swift showed up to interrupt host Seth Rogen's opening monologue... and to cheer Sheeran on when his final performance was over.

How do I become a legal part of this friendship? Are there forms somewhere I need to sign?