Are 'Game Of Thrones' Tommen & Myrcella Dating In Real Life? The Lannister Kids Might Be Actual Sweethearts

Anyone who's ever watched even a single episode of Game of Thrones knows the deal: that show is messed up. I mean, it's really good and I can't stop watching, no matter how gratuitously violent and tragic it gets in every sense of the word, but that's just the thing: like I said, it's messed up. One of the saddest things for me at the end of Season 5 was the fact that Myrcella died in Jamie Lannister's arms, right after she told him that she knows she's the product of incest and doesn't care that her mother and father are brother and sister. Total bummer, right? Myrcella's brother, Tommen, is currently on the Iron Throne, but something tells me he'll meet his own fateful end soon enough, as well. But what about the actors behind Myrcella and Tommen? It seems like Nell Tiger Free and Dean-Charles Chapman might be dating in real life, which is kind of the best news ever.

Buzzfeed was the first to notice the rather cozy relationship between Free and Chapman, who are 15 and 17 respectively, and seeing their off-screen interaction makes me feel like it's totally obvious that they're boyfriend and girlfriend and are totally in that puppy dog love stage. Ah, ain't young love grand? Just this week, the pair took a flight together somewhere. Where they were going is a mystery, but what matters is that they're together, right?

At least they got to see one another again, because earlier this month, they were clearly feeling the strain of having been apart for a while to the point where they needed to express their feelings via Twitter rather than sending a private text, because OF COURSE!

Other signs that they're having a real life romance? Free has been referring to Chapman as "my boy", which, yes, to be fair, could just be a teenage thing that's totally platonic, but come on! There's also the whole close/coy situation they have going on in some of their photos, which is totally adorable but also totally indicative of the fact that they're absolutely, 100 percent dating and I won't hear anything else about it. Myrcella and Tommen are together, and there's nothing anyone can do to convince me otherwise! That is, of course, unless one of them comes out and says it's not happening. But until then...

Image: Dean Charles Chapman/Instagram