How To Keep A Scarf From Unraveling Is Easier Than You Think

Hooray for fall and the scarves we all can wear! Before it gets too cold and you start wrapping yourself up everyday, learn how to keep a scarf from unraveling so it lasts all season long. Nothing is sadder than throwing away a beloved item, and the tips below are a breeze to follow.

If you're reading this like, yeah yeah yeah, isn't folding my scarf when I'm not wearing it sufficient? No, no it is not! Given how many epic ways there are to wear scarves this fall, you're bound to wear them often and proper care is a must. At the first sign of fraying, you've got to jump to action if you want to make sure your scarf lasts.

Most tutorials online talk about how to prevent fraying in scarves you've made yourself, but I'm willing to bet the majority of us, you know, buy our scarves and lack professional sewing skills. With that in mind, the three tutorials below are easy enough for me to feel like I could follow without immense panic that I was going to accidentally wreck my scarf.

If, however, you're nervous at all about what any of the suggestions below might to do your scarf, obviously just go to a tailor. That's your safest, though most expensive, bet. Otherwise, try these three ideas as soon as you see any fraying to keep your scarf from unraveling any further!

1. Double-Sided Tape To The Rescue (Again)

This video is by no means professional, but the way this woman uses double-sided tape to fix a scarf in a pinch is brilliant! Definitely a tip I'll be using.

2. Let It Burn

Niler Taylor on YouTube

No seriously. If your scarf is made of polyester (I repeat, polyester), you can literally sear off the edges to prevent further unraveling. Muahaha.

3. Fray-Preventing Gel

Dritz Fray Check, $5, Amazon

eHow suggests reaching for fray-preventing gel for a quick, long-lasting way to eliminate fraying. I recommend Fray Check gel for it's cost and ease to use.

Image Credit: anuntrainedeyephone/Instagram; Averil White, Niler Taylor/YouTube; Dharma Trading