11 Signs Your 'Pretty Little Liars' Obsession Will Be With You Until The Day You Die

If there's one show that my love of borders on obsession with, it's Pretty Little Liars. Truth is, the show was pretty much designed for audiences to freak out over it even when it's not currently on. Hardcore Pretty Little Liars fans may carve out an hour on Tuesday nights to watch the show, but the fandom doesn't stop when the show is on hiatus: The Pretty Little Liars social media marathon never stops, and neither do fans' brains when it comes to working different theories, questioning every shady character to pass through Rosewood, or going cray over different 'ships. This is one fandom that can't stop, won't stop obsessing — and I wouldn't have it any other way.

You probably know if you have a Pretty Little Liars obsession, even if you insist to all of your family and friends that it's "just a show" and "of course it's cool that you accidentally erased it from the DVR, I wasn't going to re-watch it six times before next Tuesday's episode to make sure that I got all of the clues down." Pretty Little Liars is just important to some of us, and there is absolutely zero shame in that game.

Plus, as the editors on our Bustle Pretty Little Liars podcast would tell you, the CeCe-is-A reveal was a major sjocker:

Here are some signs that you're going to be obsessed with it until the day you die, because no show in your lifetime could possibly compare to PLL.

1. You Keep Up With Spoby's Relationship More Than You Keep Up With Your Best Friend And Her Boyfriend's

Like your drama-happy friend and her boyfriend, Spencer and Toby are perpetually on-again-off-again — you just have a much easier time remembering what state Spoby is in.

2. Tuesdays Without Pretty Little Liars Might As Well Be Your Mondays

The only thing worse is the weeks when Pretty Little Liars is on hiatus. Netflix is the only thing that gets you through.

3. You Get Super Frustrated When Someone Asks You To Explain The Plot "In A Nutshell"

You're entirely too invested in this show to even attempt to explain the intricacies in three sentences.

4. You'd Seriously Considering Cutting Ties With A Friend Who Spoiled A Major Finale For You

The way you see it, if your friends don't respect the fact that you're on west coast time and won't find out who A is for another three hours, then they're not real friends.

5. No One Even Tries To Talk To You When PLL Is On Anymore

You're so focused on finding clues within each episode that you're basically a zombie to the real world.

6. This Is You In The Months Between The Summer And Winter Season

Because cliffhangers make you want to jump off one.

7. You Judge People Who Have A Totally Baseless A Theory

Look, Hanna's mom isn't A. She's just not. It makes no sense. LET IT GO.

8. You're So Committed To Your Own PLL Theory That It Kills You People Don't Understand Why You're Right

If it's correct, you're elated. If it's wrong, your going to go bury yourself in cute Haleb GIFs until you feel better.

9. You Have To Remind Yourself That It's Okay To Schedule Plans On Tuesday Nights... Sometimes

Because sometimes your best friend's birthday dinner falls on a Tuesday... and that's pretty much the only time you're okay with leaving the house on a PLL night.

10. You're The Only One Of Your Friends Who Remembers Even The Most Minor Of Characters

It's like, what's up, Noel Kahn's older brother Eric, played by The Tomorrow People's Robbie Amell. You're very important and you could totally be A one day.

11. When PLL Comes Back From Hiatus You're So Happy It Hurts

Of course you missed her.

The PLL fanbase is ride or die — there's simply no way to shake this obsession. Not like you'd want to, of course.

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