Donde Fashion Is A Visual Shopping App That Is Redefining Shopping Search Engines, Plus 5 Shopping Apps You Should Download

As addicting and enjoyable as online shopping may be, it can be mentally taxing as well. That's where Donde Fashion, a visual shopping app that cuts out all need for a text-based search engine comes in. It is quite similar to curated e-commerce platforms, Polyvore and ShopStyle, where Donde Fashion searches across numerous fashion brands based off your search. However, Donde Fashion is like the picture book version of curated shopping platforms. Functioning entirely with visuals, Donde Fashion narrows down your search by having you select categories of what cut, color, and size you're looking for. After funneling through your preferences you're brought to a goldmine of the exact type of clothes that you're looking for. The options span across a variety of thousands of brands, including H&M, Revolve, and Bloomingdale's.

CEO of Donde Fashion, Liat Zakay wrote on the app's blog saying that she was inspired to create this app based off of her own frustrations with shopping, or "shopstrations" as she likes to call it. Donde Fashion really takes out the stress that online shopping can create at times. I really appreciate the app's super simplistic layout because It just makes me feel like I can find what I need in a fraction amount of the time it would've taken me elsewhere.

And honestly, it's just all-around fun to click around on all their photo icons to ultimately end up with the clothes that you were looking for.

Donde Fashion just launched today and as fabulously helpful as it is, the visuals do seem to create a constraint. If you click on the sweaters icon, looking for crewnecks, you'll most likely end up with a huge selection of long-sleeved sweaters rather than street-styled sweatshirts. So there is definitely the issue of specificity, but if you're looking for closet essentials such as a grey v-neck, Donde Fashion is absolutely the app to use. The interface is incredibly intuitive and the aesthetics are adorably minimalistic.

Just in case you notice the search constraints that I did, here are some other great shopping apps to use in conjunction with Donde Fashion.

1. Wanelo

This app gets to know what you like over time. Available for free on iOS and Android.

2. The Yub

Perfect for all your streetwear needs. Available for free on iOS and Android.

3. Wish

If that recent Valentino purchase left you in a tight budget, Wish has super reasonably priced clothes. Available for free on iOS and Android.

4. Fancy

This app is great if you're shopping for the perfect gift. Available for free on iOS and Android.

5. Polyvore

This app is like the text-heavy version of Donde Fashion. Available for free on iOS and Android.

Donde Fashion is available for free on iOS.

Images: dondefashion (2), wanelo, wishshoppingapp, fancy, polyvore/Instagram