Lindsey Vonn Works Out In A Bikini While Injured

You'd think having a broken ankle would give a woman a reason to rest, relax, stay off her feet, and just heal. There's no shame in that. Then there is skier and superwoman Lindsey Vonn, who worked out in a bikini and a cast after recently fracturing her ankle.

Vonn posted a photo of herself exercising while on vacation. The workout image is fairly common for her because duh! But the athlete noted that she planned to cancel her vacay after sustaining her injury but she soldiered on. Her philosophy is flawless; it is indeed better to hang with your besties while nursing a broken ankle than to be alone and doing the same.

But it wasn't all about sipping bevvies with umbrellas in them and soaking up the sun while catching up on each other's lives and gossip. Vonn, decked out in a strappy, plum bikini, was committed to staying in shape.

She was total fitness goals with this snap!

However, most of us aren't trained Olympic athletes like Vonn and we might not be able to bounce back as quickly as she did. Many of us also prefer to exercise in sweats, not swimsuits.

That said, her Instagram feed is filled with photos that provide inspo to stay strong and stay in shape, both mentally and physically, and to look good while doing it, no matter the situation.

Both Vonn and her shadow were fierce as hell. She was not schlepping around. We're not worthy, we're not worthy.

This silly snap of Vonn pulling a Miley and sticking her tongue out reminds me to have fun in work and in play. I have noticed her flawless skin, too. She is often subjected to the elements, like wind, sun, and snow, yet she clearly cares for her skin. So remember that next time you go out in January without an SPF-loaded moisturizer. Mind you, I wear SPF ever day, no matter what the temperature.

Vonn is clearly tireless and she makes a yellow bikini look sexy and sporty, thanks to her sneaks and cap. She is always about form and function.

Vonn is proof that sporty gals can be hawt as hell, too.

Quality time with your sister can consist of working out while being coordinated and well-matched with your outfits. Way cute.

Not only do I love her striped tights and her mega long pony, but her balance is sick. Try holding that pose for an extended amount of time and your legs and thighs are guaranteed to ache. But looking at this snap makes me we want to practice it!

She's a bombshell and Kate Bosworth could totally play her in a movie.

Even if you are a not a gym rat or don't care about athleisure attire, you have to admit that Vonn's no makeup selfie, while bathed in the rays of the sun, is an inspo to look at your natural self and love what you see. She is gorgeous and so are you! Why not post a no makeup selfie in the sunlight sometime soon?

Ripped and gorgeous! She is the total package. Her hot pink, tye-dyed gear is also super stylish and might inspire some of us lazy girls to get to the gym!

Vonn is fit and fashion goals so often, both intentionally and not!

Images: Lindsey Vonn/Instagram (9)