Writers On How to Get Through the Holidays


The holidays, for all of their purported joys and festivities, are often a mixed bag. While many stand firmly behind the belief that nothing can top this time of year (the booze! the Christmas bounty!), for some, the threat of family feuds and regrettable under-the mistletoe moments can inspire the immediate onset of the seasonal sweats. Turns out literary legends and critics alike share with us this wide and varied range of emotions that winter brings. Regardless of your personal opinions on all that December brings, you're bound to sympathize with some of these words from notable writers — on merriment, melancholy and just making it through the holidays.

For those of whom Christmas is all about the loot:

Thoughts on the season's shopping list:

For the Holiday hopeful in you believing that, despite the inevitable chaos, this year will be a little bit better than the last:

If you tend to suffer the Boxing Day blues, perhaps you'll feel better sharing your pain with Miss Plath et al. (but you'll probably just feel worse):

Sometimes, Christmas lives up to the merriment it promises:

If you're worried about how the littl'uns will fare:

And, finally, some advice we can all get behind:

Image: anneh632/flickr