Goodwill Launches High End Boutiques, 3 Reasons Why This Is Actually A Smart Business Move

Goodwill has long been every thrifty gal's go-to spot for buying affordable secondhand items, which is why the company's latest business venture might sound very surprising. Goodwill is launching a chain of high-end boutiques. These new outlets will still be an integral part of the charitable empire, but will focus more on designer duds and luxury offerings, with prices that are only slightly higher than their typically super low ones — and still a far cry from the sales you'll find in most consignment stores.

So far, Goodwill has launched sixty of these designer boutiques, according to the Los Angeles Times, in more affluent neighborhoods such as Orange County, CA and Forest Hills, IL. Each of the stores offers a selection of goods that are more tailored to that area's clientele. For example, the Anaheim outpost is a hipster's delight, with a specially culled selection of flannels and a plethora of records to choose from.

The launch of these high-end stores is part of Goodwill's response to an ever-widening selection of consignment stores, as well as a reaction to the possibility of a decline in sales due to the steadily improving economy. With designer deals this unbelievable, it's hard to imagine customers passing them by. While the boon to your bank account is reason enough to start shopping at these Goodwill boutiques, here are three more reasons why this is actually the best idea ever.

1. Ladies on a tight budget will be able to get their hands on high end labels

These may be brands you can readily find at Bloomingdale's, but the prices are straight out of your wildest dreams. The Los Angeles Times even reported seeing a pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes that typically retail for $350 for a meager $12.99.

2. It will save you a whole lot of time

Gone will be the days of endlessly sifting through acid wash jeans and joke t-shirts that weren't even funny the first time around. While you may not get the same thrill of picking a designer needle out of an untrendy haystack, you will won't have to spend nearly as much time hunting for great finds.

3. Goodwill will be even more successful

The best news? By curating its selection and appealing to the demographic of the neighborhoods in which these stores are located, Goodwill is bound to be even more successful. And since all of their proceeds go to charity, your fashionable bargains couldn't get much sweeter.

Image: rose_macavoy/Pixabay