When Will Hurricane Danny Hit? Predictions Of The Storm's Impact Show It Weakening, But Not Going Away Yet

Hurricane season is officially upon us, with Hurricane Danny — the first such storm to accumulate in the Atlantic Ocean this season — reaching a category 3 on Friday before weakening over the weekend. On Thursday, the storm was a category 1 with winds of 80 miles per hour before peaking as a category 3 with winds of 115 miles per hour the following day. Although the storm's category has since been downgraded, it's still on the move. So when will hurricane Danny hit land, if it does? So far, meteorologists are not too concerned about the storm's potential for damaging impact, but Danny is still being closely monitored as it continues to travel in a north-northwest direction.

USA Today reports that while Danny's wind speeds increased as it traveled through the Caribbean, it is not currently being considered a major danger; in fact the storm is providing much-needed rain to some Caribbean islands, such as Puerto Rico. According to Weather.com, rain and winds will come to the Leeward Islands and the Virgin Islands, in addition to Puerto Rico, but meteorologists are not expecting the storm will maintain enough strength to cause any damage for the areas that will be impacted.

Hurricane Danny, as predicted, weakened significantly over the weekend. Models of the storm are not predicting that it will come into collision with any mainland U.S. states, including Florida, where there was previously some concern that the storm might have some impact.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Now small enough and harmless enough to be considered a micro-hurricane, Danny is the first hurricane the Atlantic has seen this summer, and fortunately it does not appear to be a dangerous storm. With force winds extending only about 15 miles from the center of the storm, close to what is expected to be the hurricane's peak strength, Danny will most likely blow over without causing any damage, and, in fact, may provide some rain relief to islands in need of precipitation.