6 Feminist Emma Watson Films To Marathon ASAP, Because There's No Better Way To Spend A Weekend

Emma Watson may have made headlines a year ago when she spoke at the UN about gender equality, but her political work didn’t end or begin there. In that speech she spoke about the important task of making men and women equal, once and for all, but long before Emma Watson revealed her campaign plan with He For She — an organization that works to bring men and women together to fight for gender equality — her film roles have promoted her political agenda for her. Never one to choose roles where women are objectified or sexualized, Emma Watson’s film career reads like a feminist’s dreams.

In fact, it’s kind of hard to find a movie that Emma Watson has been in that hasn’t been at least a little feminist. She’s an inspiration in that way, choosing to star in movies that empower women and show them as equal to their male counterparts, even if they’re not about feminism explicitly.

I mean, just take a look at her filmography, and you’ll see for yourself. It’s clear that she’s worked hard to pick movies and roles that promote and are about strong women. She has put gender equality at the front of her career decisions, that’s for sure.

So let’s face it, there aren’t many films that Emma Watson has been apart of that haven’t been good for women. But these films, in particular, are some of her strongest feminist works to date.

Ballet Shoes

Three female orphans relying on each other to get through their personal ordeal and to make the most of their situations? Sounds like the perfect film for any young, burgeoning feminist.

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My Week With Marilyn

A film about one of the most complicated and enigmatic women in recent history, My Week with Marilyn does important work as a feminist film. Like depicting women as multidimensional and complex, even if on the surface the world sees them as sexual objects.

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As the sole female character in Regression, Emma Watson’s yet-to-be-released movie doesn’t seem very feminist, but the amazing work that Watson does to bring a sexual abuse survivor to the big screen with such care and strength is significant to many women who are also survivors of abuse.

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This Is the End

Sure, a bit role in a film mostly about a bunch of dudes trying to save themselves from the end of the world doesn’t seem like something that promotes gender equality, but Emma spends her entire cameo pointing out the bullshit women endure in these types of films and in the world in general. And when she straight up takes an ax to the guys who are discussing which one of them would be most likely to rape her, it’s maybe her most badass feminist moment in film ever.

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Harry Potter

As Harry’s best friend Hermione Granger, Watson plays a character too concerned with her books and finding her own way out of the trouble to let her two male friends do much of anything. So many of the high jinks and problems this infamous trio triumph over are conquered because of Hermione Granger being awesomely strong and competent.

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The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Watson plays Sam, a young girl trying to recreate her tainted image before going of to college. Wrestling with other people's perception, self-confidence, and defining herself, this is yet another one of Watson's stellar feminist roles.

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So do yourself a favor. When you need a break from fighting the good feminist fight, have yourself an Emma Watson viewing marathon and remind yourself that there are — thankfully! — people in Hollywood trying to do right by the world.

Image: The Weinstein Company (2); Columbia Pictures; Warner Brothers; BBC