Kylie Hair Kouture Is Taking Over Instagram

The queen of hair changes took to Instagram with another colorful hair look, but this time Kylie Jenner showed off her Kylie Hair Kouture extensions on someone else. The 18-year-old reality star posted a picture of an everyday woman rocking her signature look. There's no word on who the blue-haired beauty is, but she's got the official Kylie stamp of approval on her 'do.

Between Jenner's bright blue locks, short brown bangs, and flowing waves, it's almost impossible to tell at first glance that the recent upload isn't a picture of the star herself. The woman rocking the blue locks looks eerily like Jenner and blends right in with the famous woman's collection of selfies. But boy does her hair stands out!

Jenner writes in the caption that she loves how her Kylie Hair Kouture looks on the woman, and, with one million likes, her followers clearly do too. The star has been known to sport blue hair, so it's no surprise that she loves when her fans copy her look. The extensions currently come in 11 shades, with teal ombre being the only blue. Let's hope that Jenner comes out with some different various on her signature dye job soon!

After all, there's high demand for this product. If you search #KylieHairKouture on Instagram, thousands of posts come up. From long blonde strands to all dark 'dos, there's tons of hair inspiration featuring these extensions, but the blue ombre is by far the most popular. Jenner really does know what she's talking about when it comes to hair.

1. Bright Blue Buns

Jenner's extensions look great even in a bun!

2. Long Black Locks

Y would never know these were extensions just from looking at her picture.

3. Cascading Curls

From the color to the curls, these extensions blend into the hair to look completely natural.

4. Teal Tips

Look at that serious ombre. Jenner would definitely be proud.

5. Secure Ponytails

That is one curly pony!

I can't wait to see what colors Jenner will start selling next!